The Amazing Soups of Bangkok. Street Food of Thailand

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Legend Pilato says:

I'm in love with lady in white make me want to join her with her soup

Suryadi Suryanto says:

Anehnya g ad lalat

FullDLL HD alba says:

hello hey hogo kong

lyn Smith says:

I really missed this food

Music 239 says:

wow น่ากินมากกกก

Gethaf Pondang Leonardo says:

Babi kecap enak e …

Anne Corey says:

Very good food and nice stalls good service and lots of food here is very good healthy foods thank you for sharing Bless you all love your video thank you ,

Rosalyn Kuna says:

So gross! they don't wash their hands after touching the money!

lavender lily says:

Oh my goodness the thumbnail is like a pitbull dog😭

Alvin Lee says:

hope someday i can go bangkok try the food…:):):)

Binh Dinh says:

3;36 not much for bigg pott only 50%.

Kennie MusicLovers says:

@5 :04…..where please ?

Kennie MusicLovers says:

…duck'ss feets , duck's meat etc., looks good but……hmmmmmm???

Kennie MusicLovers says:

where is tis please in BKK ? thanks….will try when in BKK next few months ?

Kennie MusicLovers says:

lots of fats and collagen ? Hmmmmmmmm? dare to EAT ?

sebastian posada botero says:

Con la que coje el.dinero sirve la comida gasssss que asco

Tien Thanh says:

Yummy yummy.

Terracotta Army says:


Fairuz Nisrina says:

soup what is that?

Chris P. Pata says:

Fantastic food and an awesome Hooters shirt. What's not to like?

Mohamed Faisal Derahim says:

the best part about Thailand is their street food…. I've eaten all kinds of food served and as u all mentioned as dirty or contaminated but so far I never get sick from eating all this food…. I even get sick eating Malaysian street food compared to Thailand… I'll never get sick and their foods are all so delicious…..

Tuyet Nguyen says:

yum, yum, yum

Daily Life Tourism says:

Nice Food 🙂

Dr Psik0 says:

quand je vois ici en europe les normes qu'on doit respecter un truc de malade et la bas rien a foutre il prend l'argent puis touche la viande dans plusieur video le boeuf et de la volaille qui ce touche rien a foutre mais le pire ces que sa a l'air trop trop bon

NHLAmil says:

cross contamination touch money then touch food

XE1 DJR says:

nasty!!! touch the money and the food

Kimjong L. says:

Are the foods clean? I see no covers at all!

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