Thailand trip | Nov 2017 | Phuket | Phi Phi Island | Krabi | Check description box for details

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We are just back from our Thailand trip and it was absolutely amazing. So I thought of sharing our experience through this video. Hope you like it.

Thanks for watching.

Background music courtesy:
1) Cartoon – On & On (feat. Daniel Levi)
2) Alan Walker – Alone
3) Alan Walker – Faded (instrumental)

For details on the trip, please read my blog. Link below:

Please comment below if you need any help with planning for a similar trip to Thailand.


Eliana T. says:

Hello I am thinking to book a trip between the end of October and the beginning of November. How is the whether in that period? Which islands do you suggest I must go?

Valter Goncalves says:

Hi Tanima, great video. You have very good eyes and a good story teller. Well done 👏👏👏👏 I hope to see more videos in the future. Now here is my shameless plug… I liked and subscribe to your channel. I'm a new YouTuber from Boston but I live in Thailand. I'm trying to grow my channel. Could you take a look and if you like it subscribe?

Dharmesh Babu says:

Hi Ms Tanima Adak.
Your video is really mesmerising.. Can you please suggest some hotel names and cost (if possible) in and around phuket..
Thank you..

Kris Alex says:

How was Hotel Cape Sienna? And how much did you have to pay to be transported to Patong?

Omar Cavagneri says:

Is September a good time? Please give me an advise thanks

LuxandHoney says:

I'm pretty much wanting to do the exact trip you did. I'm just wondering did you find it too overwhelming since you moved around so much in little time? Also how do you feel about Kata Beach in Phuket. would you recommend another beach or which are would you recommend?

Vu Mashengele says:

Awesome video. Can you please share the names of the hotels you stayed at.

Kajntug Vaj says:

What’s the name of this song ?? Sing by who??

Rajinikanth Muthukrishnan says:

That was a lovely video !
Got a question., can we camp at phi phi Islands? As in a tent in beach for the night. If so can u give me a contact if you have?!

Pat Kithiraj says:

Nice video, I like your musics!! Where did you get them?

Alankrita Chaturvedi says:

it would be helpful if you added captions

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