Thailand Street Food: Lobster & Giant Tiger Prawns BBQ

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Seafood BQQ at Night Market in Huahin, Thailand: Lobsters, Giant Tiger Prawns, Sea Snails, Clam… two different street food stands – location at the end of the video


vanessa says:

As much as I enjoyed Brad Pitt, THIS is the kind of place id love to go for a dinner date. Give me the giant prawns and I'll be the happiest woman ^-^ great video, Aden 😉

Shoki says:

5:55 hahaha it is funny, his friend take him out because a girl record the lobster bbq

Forrest Gump says:

I cant eat shrimp especially the shrimp fat SAD MY LIFE T^T

dziura21 says:

What model of camera did you use to film this?



Bangbangboom51 says:

That grilled lobster in the beginning seems nice until they put melted margarine in it. (see how margarine is made, might as well use petroleum jelly). In South Asia cheap restaurants and street foods, they consider Margarine and Butter to be the same thing and used margarine about 99% of the time especially since margarine is only about 10% of butter cost and a lot of common Asian masses doesn't know the difference and how bad margarine is for the body.
Margarine is Delicious though especially in Grilled foods but butter is still best.

jerolvilladolid says:

These must've been bad shrimp to have themselves cooked in hell after they died.

Kevin Lau says:

seafood heaven

sang tran says:

Damn so big

abghere says:

Where is this in Thailand?

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