Thailand Songkran festival music

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Songkran is a term derived from the Sanskrit saṅkrānti (or, more specifically, meṣa saṅkrānti). It may refer to the traditional New Year celebrated in Thailand and several Southeast Asian countries when the sun transits the constellation of Aries, the first astrological sign in the Zodiac, as reckoned by sidereal astrology:


Vincent Lai says:

May i know the song name?

5608aliza says:

happy songkran

Lin Pug says:

Happy Songkran, from Hong Kong

Jay theJay says:

Happy, happy Sonkran everybody!

Tamsin Parker says:

Who's the artist?

Nicole Delos Santos says:

The star

zahrin zeffrin says:

May i know the tittle of this song?

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