Thailand Retirement, Nightlife, Lifestyle — Pattaya Mega Dose #11

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Cheap Charlie explores the city of Pattaya, Thailand and it’s many wonderful residents. From nightlife to living and retiring on a budget, I cover different aspects of this fascinating city. Some footage of this video is also included on my Soi Arab video that I deleted a couple of weeks ago.


ScotchandDry says:

Wrong audio at the end of the video CC?

Marco D says:

Merry Christmas, CC.

Nic Bing says:

9 hrs ago new post …… OMBuddha   ! you keep returning to the  Middle Eastern side of Pattaya … is it the Huka pipes or just the hand in hand social  Company with like minded  bullshitters   ?

lexion lex says:

Tnx for the extra long video.

doc welby says:

Merry Christmas, another great video. Last time I was in Pattaya was 10 yrs ago . I stayed in a hotel across the road from the food court behind Mikes Mall called Diane Hotel now called Boss Suites, I’ve read mixed reviews about it. Used to be nice with great buffets. If you have a chance or interest please do a hotel vid on it. I will be in Pattaya next March we should have some cold ones – my treat.

Marrakech020 says:

Ur lifestyle has upgraded, nice.

Marrakech020 says:

Ooooooh yeaah there we go! Pataya Mathem on My screen with the director: Cheap Charlie

Shamas A says:

hi charlie hope u ok . where is sean

bikskorpija says:

Greetings from Dark Tower CC 😉

Sajid Patel says:

Someday I will meet u…:)

scott stensrude says:

Holy shit , you got noisy live music right outside your window! How can you sleep ?

10/34 Chillin says:

why do you speak to Thai people with a lame broken english? just curious. cool vids.

AlanT says:

merry  Christmas buddy. I swear whenever I watch your vlogs and Sean in it, I feel like I am in paradise, that's how relaxing it is.I just love your vlogs so much

mcxpart1 says:

This was a good video. Big improvement over that fat, bald, half-naked Iranian guy dancing for 10 minutes in the last video. Would've liked to hear your conversation with that Norwegian guy but overall good job.

Satie nl says:

Hi Charlie what happend to sean? Is he on holyday?

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