Thailand Rant — Can’t Find a Girlfriend Here — Pattaya Has Changed

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The city of Pattaya is really changing. I’ve been here for much of the past year and I’ve been unable to meet a girlfriend this whole time. In past years I never had any problem meeting girlfriends in this city However lately I have found dating to be very challenging. Pattaya is a cool city but it has changed a lot from the way it was 8 or 12 years ago. For those who visited during that time I would love to hear your take on how Pattaya has changed in the comment section.


Alan Daniel says:

Now you just go on thai dating sites to get all the women you want, same same just a new fish bowl.
Girls are getting smarter they want guys with money sorry honey.
These days younger girls spend so much time on mobile phones and note pads they don't need to spend time in places like walking street or bars trying to get lady drinks and pick up drunk men and get plastered themselves.

Nezluv123 says:

Any recommendations on where to go in low season?  Not huge on partying, would rather take in the scenery.

patrick bateman says:

I can hear in your voice that you're struggling pal. If you want to meet sometime for a coffee around Asok let me know

Andrew A says:

And now these days you have drunk and homeless foreigners sleeping on Pattaya beach

selvmortsydd says:

Pattaya has always been like this, never changed…
You don't like picking up girls from bars, and still visit pattaya. Of all the places in thailand you visit Thailands brothel and then complain that you can't find a normal girl. Well you will never find one in Pattaya, common sense actually…

jay etheredge says:

My first trip was december 2002. I never paid a girl in my life till that trip. Pattaya was almost exactly what it is now but a smaller version except the girls were all fighting for less men. I knew right away that bar girls just want your money. That said, I would get a girl from a bar, give her $50 american the next night and after that she would literally go with me for free for the rest of my trip. Try that now, it won't work. They are all holding out for more money. Even the women who aren't hookers are doing the same. Acting like western women. What can you do for me? Thats the attitude.
That said, coming from California, I am used to that attitude and in thailand you can win those battles with women easily unless you are low on money.
Charlie… You saying you liked pattaya for the friendships and nice girls is kind of funny buddy. If I told one of my friends that they would cry from laughter. Listen buddy, I'm with you. I love thailand. Like I said on other threads, I'm planing on living a few months a year in thailand when I retire, I am actively searching for a woman here and in thailand that would be into that.
Your job, my job, all men have to figure out the game because everywhere you go there's a game to land a mate. Its always changing brother, you have to roll with the punches. Figure it out. problem solve.
I've heard your story a bit in some of your videos, I don't know you other than from here but I feel like you haven't really found your place in all this. When you do, you are going to crush it though. Anyone that can do what you have done so far has a big edge on the next guy. Don't let the lows grab you and keep you down. OK the jay negative reinforcement positive speech is over…lol David Bond uses tinder, there are other dating sites that work too. pm me and I'll tell you about the one I use, its flawless. I've been coming to thailand again 3 times a year for the last 3 years and I have never slept alone and never paid for it and I'm a fat 55 year old with a gimpy leg. 🙂

Patrick Begley says:

your so good ..thank you.

Joe Doe says:

The world is changing. As Asia becoming economical power house and USA and other Westerns countries become economical down fall, including US dollar declining will become difficult find cheap Asian girls. Asia is the future and west is the past

da009999 says:

What jobs do the 25-30 yr old guys have lets them have a lot of money?

Dennis Weifenbach says:

What's to understand?  Five years of change.  An area that was always a little sleezy.   A lot of YouTube videos, from way morechannels, bringing way more tourists, looking for girls.   Way more glirls come to take care of way more tourists.  Way more tourists also brings more crime of various types.  What can't you understand???  Tourist ruin turists locations, simple as that.

Danny 111 says:

You need dating apps nowadays all over the world. That's your huge mistake. Can't sympathise because you seem to be aware of this and yet won't embrace the future – even to the detriment of your own happiness. Pretty foolish if you ask me…

Stream Film Trailers says:

If you're looking for love, Pattaya is a lonely place. However, there are still jewels. But you have to be able to lower your taste and speak fluent Thai.

steven wilcoxen says:

You are spot on, Charlie! I first came to Pattaya in 1995 and it was amazing. As you say, girls (working girls and normal) were much more available, more friendly, more appreciative of finding and having a good man. I was much younger then, sure, but at the center of the issue IMO is THERE WERE NO MOBILE PHONES (just try to imagine that today), which has ruined the "good old days". Back then we sat around and chatted and tried to learn each others language and about our families and likes and dislikes – each always had the others attention – and when we left the country exchanged snail-mail and made expensive international calls, so both sides really made an effort to keep genuine relationships going. But with mobile phones now, with all the dating and hookup sites available, and old boyfriend phone numbers in their address books and just a text message away, there is way too much "man juggling" going on, and a lot of women constantly looking for "the bigger, better prize" somewhere online. Not saying you can't find love in Thailand anymore, I'm saying you have to be more selective and find someone genuine and with good character.

eric mepho says:

people are paying too much that’s what it is..nuff said

brownhippy says:

supply and demand bro. more guys coming to thailand thanks to your videos means women can be picky now. that and your game never developed since you didn't have to use game before. now you have to have some sort of game. sorry man but 'where you from' aint gonna cut it anymore. and like some other people have said already…they have figured you guys out since they probably always see you and others all the time. at first they thought that you guys could offer marriage but since yall keep playing the field they figured out they couldn't get marriage out of you guys so they are settling on milking you for $. since you are being cheap on the $ part that all comes into play now. i would say go to bangkok or stop trying to date a thai chick? i dont get it why only thai's?

Rhino Wisdom says:

Thailand no more….Right now…the Philippines is the best and easiest place to get an Asian girlfriend….

Mark C says:

I love Thailand and have been going there for over 20 years. Things have changed in Pattaya and runs the world in general, but even more in that town for obvious reasons. You should check out the Philippines, where a lot of the locals women would love to date a foreign man. Like all women around the world they want you to have some stability, but they are more eager for a relationship. IMHO.

Geoff Elephsee says:

man i im having great time in pattaya tinder no good most the girls use line out here

Donny Hernandez says:

This guy likes lady boys. He doesn't want people to know

bellowman1 says:

There are three constants in life. Death, taxes and change.

jake snake says:

I was in Pattaya in the 80s and Phuket in the 90s I don't recognize anything but girls are the same they are looking for love or money and if there are tons of guys they get more picky and if the city's main business is prostitution most of the girls are thinking to get as much from you before you move on

Joe G says:

strong dollar for now.

james taylor says:

Funny charlie….the first time i even heard of pattaya was in a maxim magazine article in like 2002. They did an article on " pattaya beach" they didnt even refer to it is as a city.
Anyway the article was soley focoused on how pattaya was the best party place on earth for single young men.
I shoulda hopped on a plane i could have expirenced it when i was like 19. Instead i waste money on rtips to mexico only to bang slutty american girls also on vacation and try not to land on a clamydia grenade

Haut Jour says:

I traveled for thee months throughout Thailand (North and South), spend 3 days in Pattaya and think the center is pretty much a s**t-hole … My humble opinion – )

Plumpy says:

Go to Chiang Mai. It's way cheaper. Food, drinks everything. Plus it's nice.

Dwane Birt says:

Hey Charlie, it's time to go to the Philippines. Watch a few videos on best places and I guarantee that you will find a lot of the type of women that you have been looking for, and will be much easier for you. Trust me, you will never regret that move.

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