Thailand Phuket, Phi Phi, James Bond islands, Phang Nga

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Christy Wong says:

มาเที่ยวกันเยอะๆ นะคะ

G. AL Ang says:

Russian first time travel? Must be very cold in Russia. It is hot here in Thailand and you could almost go very thin here.  Shorts, t-shirts and bikinis for Russian great experience, I think?

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Eusebio Sandoval says:

more fat australians

Eduard Omusoru says:

I have a few questions.

Where was the trip with the cayac in that cave? And what was your itinerary? Can you share a little bit of that?

I have a trip planned in december and want to know where it's best to go. I'm planning to stay in Phuket, but don't know if rather stay there or on an island.


ecc entricity says:

do you elephant huggers realize that in nature the elephants get eaten alive by a pack of fangs and claws and in this touristy spot theyre not. quality of life is all a matter of perspective. great video, ty.

Billi Stax says:

2:32 goofy white cunt driving like a goofy white cunt…

firdow abdullah says:

welcome yala

Narendra Sidhnani says:

Hi May i know which action camera did you use to shoot ?

Jan D. says:

Very Very Good You-Tube Film. Thank You!!!
Jan D

Markus Vaupunkt says:

that beautiful blonde…

Tokyo Cosplayer says:

Very sexy & nice (#^.^#)y

ชาคริต อินทวงษ์ says:

Nice VDO & I hope you come back to Thanthip Beach Resort again

Billi Stax says:

Was that dog dead?

John Liberty says:

Nice Video, would you please share your itineraries and suggestions. Did you go by the tours?

somsaks2001 says:

Superb filming!

kristiqn georgiev says:

Came to see a great video and instead abuse of elephants enough seen … :/

Ev Greer says:

SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL AND PEACEFUL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,<@@)


very enjoyable video
thanks for sharing
greetings from saudi ara bia

Thomas M says:

Awesome video. Can you name the remixes used?

varitok says:

Too bad that woman is in so many shots. Eww.

Mircea Brs says:

Hello, great video I love it….I have a question, regarding the copyrights for the songs, how did you manage to post it? 😀

Samantha Wang says:

Which remix version of Feeling Good at 2:12? Knee to know.

Vegan & proud of it says:

overall good video, it obviously took a lot of work to get that all done. If you have any other videos of your vacation where your wife isn't over-posing in every single shot thinking she's making a Hilton Hotel commercial, please post them.

Divemaster Olli says:

Beautiful Thailand, Thank you for this Video

Olli K. says:

Nice Video, thank you

Ton Hassing says:

great vlog amazing

Chael Sonnen says:

The water in Thailand is gross, its warm and dirty. Like shitty bath water.

Patricia PPI says:

Bonjour, Merci pour cette superbe vidéo. J'ai une question, où avez vous fait la tirolienne et rafting en bâteau sur la rivière svp ? Merci et bonne journéz

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