THAILAND PATTAYA | The best Sport Bar in Jomtien Beach | Luxury Hotel Review | Travel 2018

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Thailand Pattaya, this is travel video. It was filmed in Jomtien Beach in 2018. There are review the best Sport Bar in Jomtien Beach and Luxury Hotel in Pattaya Jomtien. Also there are a lot of footages from Pattaya streets such as Beach Road, Walking Street, Soi Buakhao and Second Road


AZIATKA live says:

This is videoof Bangk18. He kindly shared It for AZIATKA live channel. Thank you for watching and also watch other videos of Bangk18

NLA 69 says:

now the Chinese, wtf brings their wife and family to Pattaya….tooooo much money I guess.

อรวรรณ สิทธิเสนา says:

Nice video.i am the guitar girl in video. 😀😀😀😀😀the name of this song is แค่โสด

Don Haig says:

Nice video comrade 👍

Spicydurian says:

I think I can have a good sleep in a 50 usd hotel and save 150 usd, even if I can afford the 200 usd room ))) The pineapple and the shrimp taste the same everywhere and sometimes the serving is even smaller at a luxury hotel )))

Amit Kumar says:

Nice sir. I love your video's..

Diogenes Lantern says:

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Kenneth Holland says:

You have done better videos 😃

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