Thailand Pattaya beach 2018 – World Beach Resort Pattaya 2018

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Thailand Pattaya Beach Girls 2018 – World Beach Resort Pattaya 2018
Pattaya Beach Near Pattaya Water Park

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The best beach resorts in Pattaya are found right on their own little stretches of the wonderful coastline around the city. While Pattaya is better known as a party destination, the white sandy beaches provide blissful relaxation during the day, with the nearby Gulf of Thailand offering cooling respite from the heat of the sun. During the evenings, they enjoy cooling sea breezes and uninterrupted views of the spectacular sunsets, with some even providing the floor for restaurants and clubs. The Pattaya best beach resorts in our list offer much more than just access to sand, however.

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was that dongtan beach at the first scene ? thats the only beach i dont recognise because it is a gay beach…no offense to the shirt lifters

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