Thailand, Pattaya attractions in 1979

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Germans visit Pattaya during Xmas 1979 and stay in the Regent hotel. An 8mm film of their holiday. See my other clips on Pattaya.


koivu says:

I was in Pattaya 1977, Ocean View Hotel, it was my first time in Thailand, 27 years old.
This video wake up my memories and I recognice the little girl with hat, she was selling
coca cola and bears at the beach.

Jan Van Campenhout says:

Interesting to watch these old amateur films. It's shot about 50 years ago and makes me wonder what, if any, progress has been made in the local tourism industry. Same activities today, different people.

arebrec says:

How times change…..

chris james says:

wish i went there back then


Thank you posting your experience! I am glad to watch your video which it makes my feeling back so many years…


I was there in Pattaya that Christmas for my first trip to Thailand at 24 years old. I stayed in Siam Bayshore. Fell in love with the place and kept going back. This really brings back memories of when it was much nicer than it is now. Progress. Thanks for the memory.

gk10002000 says:

thank you for posting.  so wish I had gone back then also

David Bonnie says:

This is the Imperial Hotel now

anna Marepa says:

heel verschil met nu WS

jussi lahti says:

I was 1974 in Tropicana,it is big difference.MONEY,MONEY!Sad!!

FrankRennicke1 says:

danke fürs digitalisieren. Toll!

jeff robinson says:

Pattaya is about like Bangkok with a beach..We rarely visit anymore

darren hardy says:

great video realy good look back at a place i visit now

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