Thailand – Koh Samui Love You Long Time

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Some of our Thailand holiday in Samui

Here is the link for the second video.
See you in Thailand!!


deer1412 says:

Welcome to Thailand , thank you very much to travel in my country. We hope you will happy to this trip.

홍정윤 says:

올해도 가고싶다 나의 안식처

Vikermajit says:

Nice video. Thanks.

Thord Nilsson says:

Samui to mutch memori…..i just love it

Dümenim Yağlı says:

Really nice place bro!

Marta G says:

Really nice video. Seems like you had lots of fun. We are going there in a week :)))

Nicola Montingelli says:

hello, nice video!!! What do you call the beach (4:11 min) in Koh Samui?

Traveller - Flight Reviews & Travel Videos says:

Nicely made holiday video, we enjoyed watching your experiences in Koh Samui! Looks like you had a fantastic time 😀

Rayan Slim says:

The music is destroying me beautifully.

Perie Green says:

love this video 🙂 i'm there for the third time in april this year. i'm so exited:D
Greatings from Germany

Cesar Mieses says:

Koh Samui is a MUST visit if you're in Thailand! It's no Phuket, but Koh Samui is gorgeous and a great time! 


Hi people , i was 3 years a go phuket , and want to make a new experiences in kosamui fore the first time , where is the beauty beach to make the first timd to go island ? Thanx people :___))

Wayan Darmstadt says:

love samui    great video  

cc cc says:

Merci à vous 😉 vidéo canon!!!!! vous êtes tous radieux et vous beaux à voir!!! J'ai pu grâce a vous partir à Koh Samui j'ai adoré ma pause détente 😉 et est le sourire pour la journée en plus aujourd'hui avec ce soleil c parfait ! merciiiiiiiii

darthmikec says:

Yeah I 2nd Gino's question. Where did you see the little monkey? SO Awesome!!

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