Thailand Koh Samui in 4K Drone Video

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Hear my new drone Video from Koh Samui 😉 Koh Samui in 4K

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created by
Ramon Castillo


Yousef Isaac says:

d-log / d-cinelike? sharpness?

AlonVlogTV says:

can i use your video in my vlog? and ill give you credits and link to your channel?

deer1412 says:

Welcome to Thailand , thank you very much come to travel in my country .We hope you will happy to this trip.

JGC _ says:

Is there a drone law in Koh Samui, Thailand, I am going next month and have heard different things?!

satizfaction says:

Hammer Video. Be au scho z Koh Samui gsi. Weckt schöni Erinnerige! S nächst mal nimi au mini Drohne mit.

TJ.7 says:

nice moment bro…!

Wesley Robinson says:

Wow. Smooth shots, great video!

Inga1121997 says:

Ein Traum! Musik passt super, tolle Aufnahmen, da ist die Vorfreude auf unsere Reise noch größer.
Frage: welche Videoeinstellungen verwendest Du oft? Welches Schnittprogramm, Welchen ND Filder 16er oder 32er ?
Bearbeitest Du die Farben nach ? Bin immer noch am überlegen ob ich den Phantom mitnehme. Habe mal im Internet geschaut wie die Gesetzte in Thailand sind: hier mal ein Auszug:

There are two types of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles:

CATEGORY 1: Used for hobby or other recreational use such as entertainment or sport.
CATEGORY 2: Used for TV news, movie making etc

If you have a drone in Category 1 that weighs less than two kilos and you are 18 years or older,
than you don’t need permission to fly from the Ministry of Transport. But, you do need to obey the
following rules:

1. Before flight

(a) Check that the drone and remote control is in a good condition to fly

(b) You have permission from the owner of the land where you wish to fly

(c) You have checked the environment and airspace of the location you are flying
(d) You have an emergency plan in case of an accident

2. During the flight

(a) It is forbidden to fly in a way that may cause harm to the life, property and peace of others.

(b) It is forbidden to fly in restricted zones as announced in “Aeronautical Information Publication –
Thailand” and also at government buildings and hospitals unless permission is given.

(c) The take-off and landing must not be obstructed by anything

(d) You must keep the drone in line-of-sight at all times and not rely on the monitor or other devices
(e) You can only fly between sunrise and sunset when the drone can clearly be seen

(f) It is forbidden to fly in or near clouds

(g) It is forbidden to fly within nine kilometres of an airport or in the flight path unless you have
permission from aircraft control.

(h) It is forbidden to fly higher than ninety metres above the ground.

(i) It is forbidden to fly over cities, villages, communities or areas where people are gathered.

(j) Do not fly near other aircraft that have pilots

(k) Do not violate the privacy rights of others

(l) Do not cause a nuisance to others

(m) Do not mount anything danergous or lasers on the drone

(n) It is forbidden to fly closer than 30 meters to people, vehicles or buildings

If your drone is in Category 1 but weighs more than two kilos but less than 25 kilos, you must be at
least twenty years of age, not a threat to national security and never been imprisoned. You must
also have a license to fly from the Director General of the Department of Civil Aviation. You have to
follow the rules as outlined above but in addition you must have more knowledge about drone
maintence and safety and aircraft rules. You must have emergency equipment on hand such as fire
extinguisher. You also must have third party insurance of not less than one million Baht. Finally, in
the list above, clause (n) the distance between drone and people, buildings, cars etc cannot be
less than 50 metres. If you have an accident, you must inform authorities immediately.

Drones in Category 2 have to be licensed and insured and obey the rules the same as drones in
Category 1 that are heavier than two kilos.

Flying my drone in Thailand (hoffe das ist aktuell):

SlayerX Cali Droner says:

Very nice fly&film 😎 ✌🏼

Chris Keller says:

sehr gelungenes Video! Daumen hoch 🙂

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