Thailand Holiday, Pa Tong Beach, Phuket – Tips & places to see!

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Here are some clips of my Thailand holiday
I stayed at Pa Tong Beach, Phuket at the Kee Resort & Spa
Stay tuned for some tips, tricks and places to see! This video will help you if you are thinking of visiting Thailand or Phuket and want to know a bit more about the destination!
I went to Butterfly and Insect world, The Big Buddha, Jungceylon Mall, Elephant Trekking, Phi Phi Island tour, James Bond Island tour, Splash Water Park, The Phuket cobra show, Ko Panyi island, Canoeing and Phuket Fantasea!

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Elke Janse van Rensburg says:

Sorry Laura. Me again. What mall is that with the water light show and can you give me a estimate time please?

Elke Janse van Rensburg says:

Hi. Who wsd your driver? And where did you do the elephant trekking?

Dustin Steward says:

Oh no, I was digging this video right up until you went elephant trekking. It would be beneficial to do a bit more research before making a travel blog. Ethical elephant sanctuaries are far more beneficial to both tourists and natives.

Chris Dans says:

My friend Ting Tong is from Thailand. I saw her in Thai brides weekly priced at almost £100! I did a deal with trader and got her postage free for £79.99 including V.A.T. I saved her from life of hell over in Thailand. She now just wash pots, repair roof tiles, take care of 198ft garden, cook English breakfast and English dinner and sometimes Chinese lunch, pick up medicines from GP and return my grandama to Sweden after Christmas (on foot). She has much better life here, she got a new single bed mattress to sleep on, in garage. I love Ting Tong.

relax@ndchill says:

hiya awesome video very informative. just a quick question did you prebook all your excursions through your hotel if not who did you use?
also I love the idea of hiring a driver how do I go about doing that?
also I am looking to bring my children is phuket family friendly.
Thanks sorry loads of questions ☺

A7XDudeDrums says:

Thanks for the tips and ideas!
So the street food and food in general is fine to eat, no food poisoning or bad cases of stomach bugs?
As you said, just go where the locals go hey?

Mark Gibbs says:

What a fantastic video well done and thanks.

Lola Lola says:

Thank you for posting this! Really helpful, there aren't many videos as helpful & informative as yours on youtube 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful time!

Ghada K says:

I went there twice😡😡😡can't believe that I missed the water park 😭😭😭😭😭💔 thanks for the report dear that was amazing

สุนิตา โตพังเทียม says:

I'm from Thailand:)

Kishan Mistry says:

Awesome video…I am a single guy going to Phuket for about 4 nights. I plan on staying two nights at a hostel, and two nights on a nice resort beach. My biggest deliema is the area where i should stay. I want to be central to the nightlife partying, but then have access to nice beaches. I also want to take island tours/excursion. Suggestion on any/all of those would be awesome.

Johannes says:


How do you spell the first 2 malls you showed that were near Bangala road?


Now Phuket says:

thank you for sharing this awesome video.

Thailand Divers says:

Great video and you defiantly went to most of the great spots in Phuket on your trip – one thing you missed was coming scuba diving on the amazing coral reefs of Phuket. Next time you come over come and see us and we can show you the amazing underwater world of Phuket.


Joshua Russell says:

Hey Laura, fantastic video. Very good with places to visit and do while in Phuket, I'm going backpacking next November for 3 – 6 and Phuket is on my list of places to stay.

lespierce9 says:

Great Video… Good Job   THANKS!!!

spiros strag says:

kaula eisai!!!

glenevans23 says:

Hey Laura thanks for the video..

Really great to get your perspective and we got some great ideas of things to do when we arrive!!

Once again thanks heaps for posting…

foX Me says:

wow its great and so nice video dear Laura, I'm planning to visit phuket with my wife soon and I will hire a driver as advised and offcurse will visit all the places you highlight.. keep it up dear.

beeveearr says:

Thanks for posting this! It's always hard to tell what things will be like somewhere when you only have travel brochures to look at 🙂

Peter Earp says:

Going in a few days wish Laura was there, she just hypnotised me with her lovely voice

Alexandru i. Veres says:

Dear Laura, can you tell me where did you contracted the bond island tour and how much was it?

mummykhai says:

Fab video!! Did you stay on a beach resort? Also was the airport far?

Christophe Leclère says:

Nice video !
Q: I'm going with a friend on a trip from Bangkok to Phuket, and we are going to stay only 2 nights (2,5 days) in Phuket before going back home. We still want to see a lot, but we"re kind of on a time schedule.
So my question(s): How long does the trip take to James Bond Island? + Is there enough time to see Phantasea thing? At what time do you recommend going?
And if it's not much to ask, can you tell what are the prices for both trips (in THB)? THNX !

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