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Pattaya, Thailand. Travel to Koh Larn island and review of beautiful beach Tien.

Parts of video:
0:12 Bali Hai Pier in the south end of Walking Street
0:40 Boat from Pattaya to Koh Larn for 0,9$
1:12 Naban Pier on the island
1:53 Departure times and taxi costs
2:41 Chalita Kitchen
3:02 Tien Beach review
11:50 Songthaew bus to pier for 30 baht (0,9$)
13:09 Back to Pattaya

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Pattaya Random says:

Thank You for watching! Let me know if you like this and want more useful guide videos from Thailand and Pattaya beaches

Iza Miller says:

U must got boner all the time u record this video right ? Or u jerkoff there too hahaa

Vijaya dhwaja says:

Yes… Video is beautiful, I expect more of such.. please tell me can I get girls for dating here?

Alana C says:

Hey Im young girl from Canada and just want to say I like watching your videos and seeing all the sights and sounds of Thailand .Nicely shot and good angles. I also really love alot of the music you put in your videos too. I have learned some good tunes from your videos. Thanks for making these videos as it brings some joy and happiness to others watching them and a person can learn alot from watching your videos about travel info and see the beauty and scenery and beaches and night life and markets and people of the country. Thank you they are relaxing nice to watch. Keep making them and I look forward to more. best wishes 🙂

vbboyd says:

Any nice beachfront hotels you can stay at on Koh Larn island?

James Leach says:

been there many times, watching this. i need to go back..thanks for that i needed that

Nilesh Shah says:

Is there any hotel to stay here?

andrew ealam says:

Was that a beached Russian Whale @10:22

Mathieu Tallard says:

All white ass. You should have showed spots suitable for allover tanning…..

Something to EAT in PATTAYA says:

great channel

Josef Fondue says:

What a road adventure. I would seriously be thinking about some new tires. I was waiting for some animals to come out of the jungle, I guess I am just used to seeing deer and bear cross the roads around here.

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