THAILAND Episode 7: Koh Samui

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Hope you enjoy the final Thailand episode! Koh Samui was absolutely beautiful and we fell in love with Six Senses, it was the most eco friendly resort we have stayed at so far. So much appreciation for places like that!!


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ThermalViolet says:

My mind automatically goes straight to meet the parents ever damn time people vlog koh samui hahaha

Michelle Tung says:

Anybody know what song it is on the opening?

Nisakldf Brown says:

You should have millions of subscribers ❤️❤️❤️🌻🐝🌞👌

Nasreen Adnan says:

where was that elephant place? I wanna go to places where there is no cruelty involved!

byKaja says:

noo final ;( your Thailand series was the best! 🙂

welcome in says:

Next month in thai 😉

Laura R says:

That elephant was so cute 😂

Coco Cohen says:

What a great trip!!! How did you go about planning it? Could you make a video about the planning process?

Esmee Bennink says:

But you should get the black triangel out of you logo so you can the video on de background. ITS a tip from a graphic designer ❤️💋

Esmee Bennink says:

All the collors in this vlog are amazing !

Lemurian Princess says:

All of your videos are so beautiful!!😱 I just started making videos and don't have a camera so I've been using my iPhone but really want to in vest in a good camera!! What camera do you use to film with???🍒🌸

Katie Morrow says:

Your editing and videos are so amazing!

cxo says:

How did you afford all of these luxury £400 a night resorts? 😩‼️

Michaela Hutchison says:

omg the elephant haha so cute! Looks like you're having an amazing time!

Annie Alvarez says:

Omg the elephant

Ellie Somers says:

Your videos are always so aesthetically pleasing!!! I'm crying 😭😭😭

Rawganic with Tahlia says:

hahahaha all the little things i say….
love you and this!!!!!!!!!

Zipadeedoodles says:

Wow, this one is my favorite by far! Your editing skills are expanding so beautifully, Annie! I've followed dozens of vegans as they went off to Thailand but yours are the most goals by far! I condensed my whole two week trip to Thailand into a three minute video (that I'd love for you to peak at!) and now I'm regretting it so so much, definitely using the Tarasova way next time <3

Cate Rosa says:

who came from Instagram?

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