Thailand Cost of Living + Pattaya Day and Night Scenes & Street Food

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Thailand is a great country with a cheap cost of living. In this video I show what some of the street food in this city costs, such as pad thai, bratwurst, and spaghetti sold by a Ladyboy and her sister. Plus I talk to some of the locals and participate in some of the nightlife in the wonderful city of Pattaya, a slick city on the beach just an hour and a half from Bangkok.


Cheap Charlie Chronicles says:

Every Cheap Charlie video here:

CL W says:

Good to see the quality of your videos is increasing after a few boring ones. Thumbs up and good luck!

Levent Oerkue says:

Bro you'd never catch me at one of those Indian clubs. Not trying to be a racist by any means, but yeah…. Not my sort of thing.

gary davies says:

Bored of Pattaya videos now

ketan pote says:

Gr8 Vlog CCC …. m there in mid of Feb.

davycorky says:

Top tune at 310

da prodigy says:

charlie…….give me that tune

Jasper Pipes says:

First video I have watched to the end in ages. Almost gave it a thumbs up too, but you had to sneak in more walking street and some Indian sausage fest.
The Base is no where near full and the demolition that is happening between it and soi Dianna (on Second road) is further expansion from the same developer. Head down to the Terminal 21 project and show your viewers what a multi billion baht development looks like and check out the Naklua nightlife.

İdris Nasuh Güney says:

hot dog 120 baht.. :dd what is song name in indian clup?? (video time: 06.10)

rowan 3 says:

"where you from? " Uhh… Merica" See you! hehehe

Dennis SnowBoy says:

Great video Charlie, keep it going 🙂

John .Mitch says:

RAAS disco will close down, cos those guys can manage to buy one drink between 4 of them and make that one drink last all night. HOW CAN ANY ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS CONTINUE TO OPERATE WITH CUSTOMERS LIKE THAT

Philippines/Oz Fun With JLB says:

nice vid, will be there soon..

Steve Bagness says:

Spaghetti Girl is a Pattaya landmark lusted over by many a straight man who think she's a girl.I had prime position sat behind her the other night.To watch her mastery of the pasta is a education in cookery
She has a very unique look,there was a lustful falang sat next to me who had bought her a bag of fruit as some kind of seduction.
She has a flirty casual knowing way about her which is hard to describe  "I see you watch me every day" Man says "I know everything about you" Ladyboy "You know me, you know my story?" "Im ladyboy have many boyfriends, no good for you" He was dispatched.I'm not a ladyboy fan,but she is a unique person.

collspur12 says:

hey cheap charlie….i checked out that condo( the base) a few years ago and they alot of money for a little space ie 28 sq/m for 3.2 million baht… dad bought his condo 6 years on soi 15 for 2.9 million baht and its 52 sq/m

da prodigy says:

charlie your be built like sharky soon…all the walking u do in walking street

Paul Mulvey says:

Love that Thai music!☺☺

da prodigy says:

charlie whats the name of the thai song when the lady cooking …?

Kamyab Samadi says:

really, who would ask the price of beer from a security guard!! :)))

Boom Boom says:

Charlie, did you forget the cost of living part?

Nick Lopes says:

Good one CC.

Bernd Klüver says:

A steak for 49b. Huh. A shoe sole of rubber or maybe something unidentified from the ground of of the Andaman see ? Thai girls are pretty by nature. Very very pretty. But they are greedy little beasts. I spended so many nights in Pattaya with them. 😎

James W says:

Excellent video, big improvement from the previous one, if anyone wonders about the 49 baht steak, stay away lol. Also RAAS night club will likely shut within a yr aleady heard alot of negative feedback.

Miah Mamoon says:

did you find a new place yet, after you got kicked out the other one

Shortyshrew says:

Charlie, in almost every video where you talk to a girl you tell them “see you there later” as if you’re going to run into them again. Come on bro. You could have had that girl @1:31

Get it in gear buddy!

jay c says:

Those THE BASE condos are full because they are listed on booking and agoda.

keithjetski king says:

I like your videos that include daytime and Street food. Good looking women a plus too.

Scott Parnell says:

Raas means sausage fest in India lol

FreeSudani says:

Indians are taking over

BTtao Bttao says:

Hey Charley
Could you stop at a pharmacy and ask if they carry Insulin R (vials) and price… TIA

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