Thailand: Bangkok to koh samui (sleeper train)

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What an adventure ! hot and sweaty feet aching man was it a good journey. We began in bangkok then took the sleeper train to koh samui island.

I hope you enjoyed the video and thank you for watching.


Dany #gotaworldtosee says:

cool video, just published my video of our train ride and this popped up. what are you guys up to atm. ? 🙂

Daniel Banyard says:

Great video how much money money was the train compared to a flight. ?? I've done the same from bkk to Chang mai

SaLo Traveller says:

Hi mate! Im posting my videos from my Thailand trip also eheheh
The overnight train was one of the "bucketlist" of my trip! Did you liked the experience? Please check my sleepertrain video:
Good luck with your channel. Subscribed!

Konkin Can Do says:

I have been super nervous to travel via train ever since I had my luggage stolen off one during my honeymoon in France, lol. But it is a great way to travel and see the countryside. Btw, I really like the music you use in your videos. Do you mind if I ask where you get it from?

Andrea Žilková says:

this was awesome 🙂

Tao 8181 says:

Nice video.

Dominik Ryška says:

Zajebiste stary ✌🏼

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