THAILAND | Bangkok & Phuket

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I partnered with Visa and traveled to the GORGEOUS Thailand. Highlights include a Muay Thai lesson, lunch on a floating fish & beach hangs at Hong Island. All made possible by your favorite travel accessory – Visa.
✨Click show more for social links & camera gear✨ Filmed on –



Sony RX100 V –
Camera Case / Strap –
Bendy Tripod thing –
DJI Mavic Drone –
Sony A7S II –
Sony 70-200mm –
Most common lens on A7S –
My Shoes –
My Ray Ban Sunglasses –
Best phone accessory (back of my phone – pop socket) –
(most of this was filmed with rx100 with the exception of some city shots that were with my a7s + 70-200mm)


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AF25 says:

Couldn't decide wether to sleep or watch Sara. I said "Phuket"

Hannah Hawley says:

I appreciate how well you incorporated your sponsor. A lot of vloggers will try to be sneaky like they're trying to be discrete about it but I appreciate your honesty and the refreshing balance of how you incorporated it into your video 🙂

Joe Hallgren says:

How much money would you recommend one brings/budgets for Thailand? I will be going in a month with EF Ultimate Break (formerly EF College Break) and am trying to see what people recommend.

Mana Yindeemark says:

Thank you a lot for visiting Thailand

Izoel Firman says:

Come to INDONESIA, please Sara

Subscribe Gamer/more 788_ says:

I love Thailand

miki wen says:

i have been in there last year .:)

Sota Sato says:

Phuket's ma home

French On Call says:

This looks amazing Sara!!

SANN SEYHA-Official says:

Wow welcome to Bangkok Thailand

Ahsan Shami says:

Great video! What was the name of the Bangkok hotel at 4:45? What an amazing view it offered.

Syakirah Ahmad says:

Not the best month to come to Phuket, water visibility is not so clear due to the rainy season 🙁

Riccardo Montanari PNL & Coaching says:

Great video Sara!

Blu says:

isnt that the place they filmed the movie the beach?

annakatmeow says:

3:15 John Hill to star in the next big action movie

David Reber says:

Such better content than most youtubers, you deserve more subscribers.

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