Thai Wok Master — Stir Fry Vegetables Cooked In Under 3 Minutes — Pattaya, Street Food.

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Great street food of Pattaya and some great skill here for this guy to whip up a delicious plate of Thai stir fried vegetables with chicken and an egg in under three minutes.


K1 Fighter 1988 says:

looking pretty good food.

Shiro Amakusa says:

Why is the wok kinda dilapidated???

Dennis Weifenbach says:

Hey Cheap Charlie – I hove noticed many times Thais cooking with a lot of oil.  Do you know what type of oil it is?  It doesn't look too healthy.

ketan pote says:

Please mention where you find this food.

tubefish666 says:

Great video. I'm getting hungry 😉 If I were you, I would be trying to build my "Cheap Charlie" brand. So that folks are eager being presented in your Cheap Charlie YouTube videos. Bar/shop owner then might sponsor you -> income. Best of luck for you!

Claudia Erkeloing says:

I really miss Thai food its delicious street food!!

Dad Fan says:

That guy looks fit. Usually it is some fat old lady

Brummie Brink says:

looks great cheap charlie, you like it. a very good price

DRock7977 says:

That looked really tasty and i love that you teach us thai language in these videos do more of that.

John Lucas says:

I suppose $2 could be considered over priced for a meal, but I spend $5 a day on just coffee at work.

Clye Torius says:

You need to get a wok Cheap Ass Dirty Buckeye Charlie!

William Brown says:

Well…it looked tasty and healthy. ..I need to be more…just try it…then I can learn to say what I like in it and don't. ..
Your vlogs are definitely getting better, so keep going my friend, I know it's hard work, but you are getting there…
A life…decent life in thailand making videos. ..a better room, a better …not so cheap Charlie. the aim…
But when you get to that point, cheap Charlie will have to change he's name…Charlie Farley …maybe….

Selton K says:

very cool great vid

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