Thai traffic police trained to deliver babies on Bangkoks streets in rush hour

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Around 60 Thai traffic police officers were being trained by doctors on how to safely deliver babies on Friday (June 12) in case of an emergency in the rush hours of Bangkok’s congested streets.

A video shot by a traffic policeman, just a week ago, showing a pregnant woman giving birth in a taxi is the latest emergency case on the streets of Bangkok.

The special training session for the traffic police officers is organized by the Bangkok hospital.

The project aims to educated traffic policemen on the basic knowledge to assist a pregnant woman to give birth in a safe and hygiene environment, as the incidents are appearing more frequent in the capital city.

Police estimated that there are around 20 of such cases in a year.

The training is also providing more confidence for participants to perform their job.

“The training helps me boost up my confidence in doing this job. If I have to perform the duty before the training, I will be too excited. I even feel excited in this exercise, the real situation will be even more,” said 20 year-old Police Lance Corporal Patcharapon Chamni.

They are trained to deliver baby only when the passenger cannot make it to a hospital. They are required to perform basic assistance such as supporting the baby’s head, sucking out fluid from baby’s nose and mouth and warm them with blanket before facilitating them to the nearest hospital.

The project has been launched since 1997 and have saved more than a hundred people.

“We cannot avoid this kind of situation because of the Bangkok traffic. We all face it. When the traffic is very congested, we cannot move at all or move at a very slow speed; therefore, a pregnant woman will get this service. Since we have started this project, we have rescued more than 120 mothers,” said Dr. Paisal Chantarapitak.

According to Department of Land Transport, there are 8,651,172 vehicles registered in Bangkok, in December 2014.

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