Thai Style Chicken Wings ไก่ทอดน้ำปลา – Episode 144

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Full recipe and ingredients:


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Spoon Fork Heart says:

Recipe, pictures, video, blog, and more:

Yungnrstles says:

Jur my Best Frann

Lisa Yakhin says:

Looks so good! I will def try this one!

Ismarika Gautam says:

Tq for this video
Im from nepal lumbini
buddha born city

ratha van says:


Ain's Kitchen says:

Wow looks yummy

Sam Sung says:

i tried that inThailand

Robert Bonser says:

Hi, thanks for this I am going to try this weekend down in Ban Phe! You said that Joe's favourite was honey and mustard – it would be nice if you could post that recipe! Thanks!

Steph Del Cid says:

you have no idea how much im craving this thanks to you! 😄 ive watched this same video a lot of times and i like to fast forward to when you bite into it. you make it look so easy and fun. love it!!! 😍

Po Zee says:

This chicken wings recipe is so addictive and easy to make I made them again last night. I added a little more tempura powder and I double fried the wings for extra extra crispiness. Yum yum🤗🤗🤗

Po Zee says:

I had late evening craving for chicken wings. I made your Thai chicken wing recipe tonight and it was truly delicious. I used the gogi brand thai tempura mix that you suggested. I paused your video and took a screenshot of the tempura mix and was able to find it at my local asian supermarket. The dipping sauce is yummy too.

StarvingSound says:

That was only two tablespoons of fish sauce for the wings?

O GZL says:

Thank you for sharing. I enjoy your videos very much keep up the good work. 🙂

nancy marques says:

This was such a great video!! You are so sweet, I would love to make these wings



Danny Fenty says:

Yum! Thai wings look so crispy and delicious! I'm going to try this recipe my family will love it 😍

Grace Tumewa says:

Can I request a recipe, Siri? Help to teach me how to make yam wun sen please. I tried, but sometimes the sauce to sour. Thanking you in advance, Siri. You are the besttt!!

Grace Tumewa says:

My favourite all time!!! ☺️. Will try Ur recipe soon

vlestat73 says:

i just hate the tasting part….damn

Alisi Gucake says:

So easy & looks delicious. Definitely going to give it a try

It's Only Food w/Chef John Politte says:

Another great production from SFH

Chop Happy says:

yummm!! those wings look awesome and that sauce looks delicious!

Jaxx Drinkwater says:

LOOKS Amazing! I bet the sauce makes this dish!

Lily's kitchen's khana says:

hiii nice recipe.. subscribe my channel I will subscribe u back

marie Savino says:

Magnificent Thai chicken wings! I need to make this. Thank you dear Siri xo

Laurice's Kitchen says:

Oh wow!! Delicious! We love wings . I have to make these!! 💗

nai yung says:

love all your pots and pans you used. Where can I get the same kind?

Tracey's World says:

Ok I could smell them!! must try they look so good! How's your grandfather feeling? PRAYERS GONE UP !!!

Yoshiko Yeto says:

I don't eat chicken, but these wings look really good!

Trudy Farnum says:

…love the apron!…for sale?

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