Thai Style BBQ Pork – Video Recipe

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In this video we show you a delicious way to make BBQ pork, IMO this is a must try for everyone, Give it a try.

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Jim Claire says:

Nice video. I really enjoy seeing food cooked in the Thailand method. I see how the food was prepared, allowed to marinate and then cooked. How about a film on slaughtering a pig or a goat? Thanks for sharing!

mugensamurai says:

Secret agent Thai bbq.

Charles Brown says:

My sister in law cooks like this for us. We love it. She says it's even better when you have it there.

Kevin Kingan says:

I know what I'm cooking tomorrow 5555

John Loyd says:

how do they make ginger rice?

Jack Hill says:

Hmmmmmmmmmm…….. you making me hungry! 🙂

B Sanchez says:

What kind of seasoning salt?

backyardmeat says:

A very nice version too!….that sauce looked intense

FujianXiamen Guo says:

Thank you. It looks delicious.

lifeinthailand says:

Right, This is normally done with neck meat, Here we used pork loin but lately I have been using shoulder, It has a little more fat in the meet and that makes it even better.

real gchi says:

thai bbq,, right

Watsamadoing says:

mmmmmmm pork

Sarg Amiri says:

Why do you live in THAILAND

Ed Jackson says:

I wanted to eat my computer screen!

KenOfthewest says:

That looks so simple to make, but so delicious to eat!

Bootlegger says:

I've just slobbered all over my keyboard.tasty tasty tasty

Lek Buzzy says:

Your killing me. That looked so good. Now that I know the secret I'll have to give this a try.

GetMeThere1 says:

LOL! It's the Thai girl bank account 🙂

GetMeThere1 says:

Feminine Thai hands always look so gentle–even when they're hacking away with a knife. It's one difference I consistently notice between Thai and western women…

Capt. John's Bar says:

Looks awesome

Dale Calder says:

WARNING>>>WARNING>>> a pig died in the making of this video. LOL I must admit that looked fantastic and I would have loved the sauce. I like your grill is that a traditional Thai grill?

PartTimeRonin says:

I think Thai people will use pork shoulder or neck for this recipe but i guess that you don't want too much fat, right?
anyway that looking good 😀

Bob the metal guy weapons and welding says:

mmmmmmmm looks good

emeraldmoss says:

sauce!!! l love spicy stuff what in it ?
Tc <3 your vids

HoschtonBoy says:

I'll try it this wekend, you bet ya,

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