Thai Street Vendor Stir Fry Fresh Vegetables and Seafood

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Massage Therapy For Injuries Fargo North Dakota says:

What a treat…. I will do it tomorrow… i will get the ingredients

Bong dity says:

Looks very delicious.

Minlee Leng says:

very scary😨

Juan Salinas says:

Heavenly Fargo .. North Dakota

Jewel Pham says:

Oh my god! She put a stove on a gas bottle??? Too dangerous!!!

MrJmmone says:

when you put a video could you add ingredients on screen it will be very helpfull

talusan909 says:

I made stir fry broccoli today. First, boil water to blanch the cut broccoli for 15 seconds and  drain the broccoli. .  In a separate wok, I pour some  vegetable oil, put in the broccoli, add sesame oil, oyster sauce, and sugar. Stir continuously to prevent veges from drying and burning for 30 seconds. Done. So Delicious even without meats added.
 NOTE: During stir fry, fire must be medium high at all times,

e.g. Smith says:

I use a cat litter shovel, it work real good……..

please don't buy anything from this fool !!!!!


I'm cooking this I speak. So far so good…minus the smoke lol

mobalistiko says:


Night Sky says:

Looks delicious!! And the narrator is epic! I love this video

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