Thai Street Food Tour with MARK WIENS! + Hostel Tour (Bangkok, Thailand)

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Today we’re meeting up with Thai food expert, Mark Wiens for an epic Southern Thai food tour! SUBSCRIBE ►

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The Endless Adventure says:

Howdy Adventurers! Have you downloaded our FREE eBook yet? It shows you everything you need to know to travel the world like we do! Download it here:

We had an AMAZING time trying these delicious dishes with Mark today. We learned so much and hopefully you did too!

williamfh fh says:

Mark is every where hahahah ^ ^

มิกซ์ แมกซ์ says:

กินเผ็ดเก่งมาก ปรบมือให้

Gooha M says:

ไม่เผ็ดไม่กิน hahaha

Beechgrove TV says:

Thanks for the lovely vlog with Mark as the Head guest star i really enjoyed it me and my girlfriend is a big fan of him but we will tjek out your videos also thanks

Simon Ferzee says:

Bangkok,definitely one of my favourite city I’ve ever been.

Ignatia Jessica says:

You wont feel "too spicy"when you eat it with rice, thats how we all – the Asian does….. haaahaaahaaa

Why Why says:


Matthew Ang says:

Mark is the man if you want to collab with on Thai food.

MINNIE145s says:

Im from southern of Thailand and I often go to this restaurant for me many dishes that u guys tried its very spicy for me its also too spicy 😚😚

Green Green says:


Kate Lama says:

I don’t have admiration for foreigners who just travel and react to experiences. So many people do that. At least Mark and Trevor can speak Thai and Chinese fluently. And they are really polite. You guys are like typical American white travelers with no experience.

กู มีดอ รอ มาแจ๊ะ says:

ขอบคุณที่คุณชอบเมืองไทย และอาหารไทย และขอให้พวกคุณสนุกกับการณ์เดินทางและหาประสบการณ์ให้ชีวิต Good luck guys

jayr cruz says:

mark weins should be on the mainstream media in bangkok, like a travel show or food show, he got all what it takes to be like a super host for this field

shadi dk says:

Hey, Eric & Allison I just subscribed to to ur channel… Thx for the nice clip… I feel your so nice adventure… Hope that every one will enjoy ur clips and follow your channel… Thx one more time…. 🍸🍹🍻

Noeris Prymaranto says:

go to indonesia please

Wardell Aujero says:

I am a big fan of Mark Wiens.. but in this vlog Mark Wins (Wiens) as he chose all the foods and end up with a lot of take away. Next time u guys should explore on your own, that's the sense of making videos on a strange country adventurous enough to taste their local dishes! Mark just stole the whole essense of this vid!!

สรยุทธ สมพันธ์ says:

Finally, Mark becomes a Thai food specialist, Congrats….

Cris Ford says:

You guys are lucky …! Eating with Mark??? 😲🤤

Vaios Zverkos says:


Oguz D says:

nice to see mark wiens:)

redcabelz says:

im a simple man, i see Mark Wiens, i click like

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