Thai Street Food | Top 10 Must-Try in Phuket

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Thailand street food in Phuket is amazing. These Top 10 Thai street food is a must eat when you visit Thailand. People ask where to eat in Phuket or what is the best restaurant in Phuket and even what to do in Phuket Thailand? This is my phuket travel food guide for the area to help answer those questions. You can experience the Phuket street food and my top recommendations. My Phuket Street Food Guide.

Top 10 Must-Try Phuket Street Food

#1 Papaya Salad
#2 Sour Green Mango
#3 Thai Pork Sausage
#4 Thai Noodle Soup
#5 Thai Fried Chicken
#6 Rolled Ice Cream
#7 Omelette Green Curry
#8 BBQ Pork Ribs
#9 Thai Fried Takoyaki
#10 Chicken with Basil on Rice w/ Fried Egg

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kenny says:

a salat with a bruce lee kick to it..hmmm..sounds..interesting xD

Kaew A. says:

I always mixed the yolk with the rice too when I eat pad krapow!! It's so good~!!

Andrea says:

Thai streetfoods are amazing! They have a huge portion tho 😂

Shiba Inu says:

Everything looks so good. Can’t wait to visit there

irene decena says:

Please Visit PHILIPPINES!!❤❤

Alberto Lopez says:

Just out of curiosity how strict are the drinking rules in Thailand, I keep hear you saying, this food or this food would go well with a beer but I don’t see you drinking one with your food 😂😂😂( Don’t get in trouble with an answer 🤔), by the way back in my country we also eat green mangos, we crush hot peppers, some fruit vinegar and salt and is quite delicious as well, another great video Paolo, by the way my nephew wife is alsoJapanese from Nara Prefecture beautiful place, best of luck with your video channel, sorry about the long comment 👍

Chenie Palawar says:

Paolo you have the best reactions to eating food!!! I can feel the goodness through the screen. Love the travel top 10's!

Shay B says:

How do you go about picking a vendor to eat from ? Like do you go with the longer lines or just on what looks good ?

Let's Explore and Travel says:

Thank you for the video. This is the best Thai food video that I've seen. specific and to the point.

PhiliPeanut says:

Everything looks so good!!! I love your videos!! Great job!! You and your GF are so cute and I love seeing both of your reactions to the flavors. I also love it when she speaks Japanese. Can’t wait for the next video!! 👍👍

astroboy3507 says:

Can't beat Thai food also nice!!!!

pureomg123 says:

She's annoying.

susan christopher says:

You’re quite the traveler! Between you and Mike Chen Thailand might be my travel bucket list one day 🌏

BBB says:

Man bro we can all tell this is now how you talk. Fuck man just be real that’s why. Like your girl. She ain’t putting up an act. You sound like a high school teacher.

AntiSass says:

My favorite part of your videos is when you take a bite and you make the face/grunt like you just came. We need a compilation of all your reactions every time you've taken a bite.

Manga Mafia says:

0 to donesy in no time!!

Liz Martin says:

Nice people and delicious food, perfect combination

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