Thai Street Food – Street Food ThaiLand – Street Food Videos

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Thai Street Food – Street Food ThaiLand – Street Food Videos

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Bangkok Stayz says:

Wow. You have done a great job dude. This video is really good to get the info about the street food of Bangkok

강다니엘 says:

im craving thai food right now😫

Boke says:

She's hands is fasten then 60fps.

Александр ForestLamp says:

It's look cleaner than India streetfood. Agree??

Ansh Mishra says:

I am stay in thai land last 7 yers

Ansh Mishra says:

I like thai food

Ashley Ingaran says:

The first video is that a pancake or what?

Sunil Patil says:

sanchit sunil patil
tanish sunil patil

Abhi Foodie says:

Attractive Video ….. I prized it

RAJYA LAKSHMI Karlapalem says:

What is that green one smash ing like that

ssjsolidsnake says:

What streets in Bangkok are these places located? Thanks

ayr1225 says:

Pancake fried egg bananas with sugar and evaporated milk. Hell no.

Balachander Dhakshanamoorthy says:

Super traditional food 👍👍👍

odeiup says:

Am I lucky my parents are Jamaican and like feeding me street food and eat natural things?we only get fast food when we're realy hungry or for a treat… we even get small burgers ..btw I've only tried fair food in America and street food in Jamaica. EDIT. I've never been to any other country in the word except for Jamaica

Deborah James says:

she wipes things down all the food looks clean

Satishkumar Manickam says:

love to taste this,yummy

Leigh & Toon Rural life Thailand says:

Best food in the world in our book. Amazing standard of street & market food through out the whole of Thailand . . . Aroy Mak Mak 555!
Cheers Leigh & Toon rural life Thailand.

Jeffrey de Vries says:

The sound of the 7/11 bell… how I've missed it ^^

Alex Taylor says:

What is that food with green dough and then grizzled in condensed milk?

Jxyden Harris says:

Jeez Da faq stop comparing the street food of india to this idiots…

Patitta Natomploi says:

I know Thai food because l from Thailan! But this video is very great all videos but if tell what food this is ets..😀🤓

Ari says:

Lady cooking in the second clip is gorgeous 😻

무니 MOONY says:

I think they are using too much oil. But it looks delicious

Nanda Titian says:

ini. jalan. apa

Mas Joko says:

Is there banana + egg..?

jasmine candra says:

OMG i wanna going Thailand now 😅😍

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