Thai Street Food-Phuket in Thailand

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Thai Street Food-Phuket in Thailand

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mikey e says:

who's murdering Dire Straits ?

Tien Thanh says:


cecilia says:

omg, I cant watch this. Dirty…. Bye ya"ll

cecilia says:

oh, no…..dirty money and then food. Yuck!! Hepetitis I thought.

cecilia says:

Do they ever wash the lettuce?? They dont wear cloves?? hhmmmm. I would think twice about eating those yummy looking food.

irishguy13 says:

I'd prefer my salad wrap made by hands that aren't handling dirty money.

น้องจิ๊บ พริตตี้รถเหล็ก says:


wad73 says:

Sweet sultans of swing cover

AllAtlas says:

vietnamese spring rolls in thailand?

Angela Menoto says:

wow…look yummy i wish i could travel thailand and eat what he cooking………….welcome philippines

Ross C. says:

omg! I miss eating this!

Abel Jake says:

@2:22 are those wrappers edible? what do you call it? what is the name of the menu? it looks delicious. thanks.

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