Thai Stir Fry Chicken with Basil

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Stirred Fried Basil Thai Chicken is the signature Thai dish!

This fast and easy recipe just requires prepping the ingredients, giving them a quick stir fry and you are done!

Love the balance between the heat from the chili padi and the sharp contrast of the sweet soy sauce.

For those who love extra heat, just double the amount of chilli padi!

A must try, easy to follow recipe well suited for kitchen beginners.

Top it with a sunny side up egg and get ready to say” Aroi Mak Mak!”

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Shakti Shrestha says:

It's fully copied dish from Thai Pad kra pao gai lol😂😂😂 n e yz keep up👍👍👍

Nigel Fernandez says:

Great recipe! Can't wait to try. May I know what kind of frying pan are you all using?

joesitt1 says:

ผัดกระเพราสูตรไหนเนี่ยใส่ หอมแดง, ใบโหระพา, พริกไทยป่น ไปหัดทำมาใหม่นะน้อง

Heartsmich says:

I'm gonna make this tomorrow! Wish me luck!! Can i add oyster sauce? What difference in taste does it make?

Emanuel Valiente says:

for stupid thais that claimed the recipe is not authentic, go fuck urself…

Brenda Hojgaard says:

I'm going to make this for dinner TONIGHT!! 😍

Kritsada Arunrattanapitak says:

กระเพราไก่กับไข่ดาว เมนูยอดฮิตของคนไทย ทำง่ายๆ อร่อยด้วย

Lucas R says:

The traditional recipe goes with thai holy basil; but its so hard to find it in another countries

Syazana Sulong says:

it's chicken THIGH (peha ayam), chicken tight means ayam ketat.

Jianle wang says:

what wok did you use?

Junda says:

u guys should make a video on fried rice

Lois Brown says:

hiya was wondering what else would go well with this since I want to use it as a starter , do you think putting them in tiny wraps like spring rolls would work ?!

Riz L says:

Hi, may i know what's the brand of your knife & where you bought it from? Thanks!

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