Thai Sticky Rice with Mango – Thai Dessert Recipe Video

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all about beauty says:


Yolanda says:

Could I use Jasmine rice for this?

Rohit Pillai says:

can I use traditional Indian pulao rice as a substitute for this dessert recipes????

leexster says:

I had this in a Thai restaurant a few weeks back and instantly fell in love with it. It probably ranks as one of my most favourite desserts ever!

L MOE says:

I just cooked this a while ago. Verdict from mum: I can open a shop selling this. Two thumbs up ladies! Thank you for sharing with us.. 💋💋💋

Anthony Caligiuri says:

If you thumbs downed this video you are seriously a pampas ass.

buthayna Almuftah says:

Can I use the steaming machine for the rice  instead of this process? 

trishainthekitchen says:

I don't have a cheesecloth. Is there anything else I can use?

Terry McCloud says:

Bravo ladies.  You just made me look very good!!! 

sebastian junior says:

I would like to correct some part of your preparation: turning off the heat while keeping the food mixture in the same pan will not stop the cooking but placing the mixture in bowl or any container over an icebath will; glutenous rice doesn't have any gluten in it, gluten is present on wheat and rye; although it looks comfortable, proper kitchen preparation doesn't allow mixing ingredients in a measuring cup, its use for measuring. use a clean bowl large enough to mix several ingredients together…

Kawin Thai says:

I'm from Thailand and I love this dessert.

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