Thai Spicy stir-fried chicken

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This is a request from Marion. ( a friend from FB) who loves spicy foods and can kick ass in kung fu like me..Yeee haaa!

1/2- 1 lb chicken breast /pork/or beef (sliced thin)
2-3 Thai spur chilies or bell peppers
1-2 Tbsp Thai red curry paste
1/2-3/4 cup coconut milk
3-4 kaffir lime leaves or lemongrass
2 tsp sugar
1 Tbsp fish sauce

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j0ey says:

make more cooking videos!

Trueblue777 says:

I can't hear!!!!! 😭

Wariar11 says:

They got rid of the audio.

NorfolkCatKickers says:

I think theyve stopped the audio on this vid great recipe but cant here it

Claudette Clayton says:

how about some thai basil rice. love your cooking easy to do very  tasty. keep them coming

hyetalian1 says:

Dude, I have been using your recopies for 2 years! they rock! and you ROCK. ROCK ON!

VNMFTW says:

Chef Kai you rule!

Lorena A says:

Luved it!!…

Tang Khang says:

You're my new favorite! Lol

SmurkBTube says:

hey buddy, love the videos, been making general tso chicken since u showed me =] was wondering if you could make a video for chicken in garlic sauce, that's my other fav dish, YUMMMM

GacktSe7en says:

This is Thai Cooking not Italian Cooking LOL!!! Good one 😀


Dude this guy alway makes me laugh haha grate video

ichsagewas says:

it is amusing to watch you cook. 🙂
Thanks for showing us.

ken48DD says:

By the way I have been to Thailand many times, I have my fav places in Phuket. Thank you, when you show a can … you might try holding it still for just a few seconds.

ken48DD says:

I thought cool he can play also, that's very cool. I don't get much chance to cook but when i do get home …. look out I have been downloading as much as I can from you… I am excited to do something besides drive a truck.

IcedLipGloss says:

would it be ok if i omit the coconut milk? i dont really want the creamy texture

Willi Hubert says:

So in the beginning I thought what. idiot with his guitar for a but I must say without envy, you know your craft. Great declared himself the dumbest could try at home. With you I would like to come times to eat, but really sharp thai style.

C. Englert says:

Easy to do and seems delicious…how to hAVE more of your recipes? Thank you

piesaregreatyumyum says:

@Itkman. Would you be able to do videos for, Gaeng pa, or, Tom saap. Cheers.

petar hitzov says:

I like how you pronounce fish sauce "piss sauce" 🙂

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