Thai Spicy Squid Salad – พล่าปลาหมึก (Phla Pla Muek) [4K]

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Thai Spicy Squid Salad with lemongrass – พล่าปลาหมึก (Phla Pla Muek) [4K]

In Thailand this menu is very popular when drinking time. Most people will think about this menu firstly. Fresh squid with serveral of herbs and species making this dish to have a nice flavour and aroma, and also a nice meal for diet people due to less carbohydrate.

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Hon Thach says:

oh ,yummy thanks for sharing.

Nim Rabbitt says:


joe khan says:

simply delicious

Jen Lee says:

Look Nice!! Nyummy

Allan Damian says:

Looks deadly spicy with all those chilies, but I'm sure it is really good!!!

somsak sompong says:

Pha อ่านว่า ฝ้า นะ

Borin Leng says:

look 's good,

Jenny hawj says:

What kind of chili paste was it that you used?

Krung Thep says:

how to make Pla mueek soft and tender. When i prepare it, is always tough

David Caballero says:

raw onions taste too strong and overpowering . I doubt I can eat it

x1zz1x says:

Wohoooo…..Made this today and I thought I bought bird chiles but it was Thai Red chiles. It was really good but it was really really really really spicy. Had to eat this and drink milk after.

Niwast Brekness says:

My favorite food yummy W R tv
Thank you 👍👍👍👍

Niwast Brekness says:

Look so good yummy W R Tv
Thank you so much 👍👍👍👍😄

D. Coolldoown12.8 says:

nice, cheese dude, to much Chili is not good for body, additional hot 😉

Joriel4589 jasl103065 says:

I love your cooking video , please keep them coming.

Chigo Mey says:

what kind of Thai chili sauce

Ratna Ariyanti says:

My oh my…….it looks sooo mouthwatering ! I always love the sour taste of lime juice in thai menus. The best thing is, no cooking oil needed, which is better for our health. thanks for sharing n love to see more "healthy n refreshing" thai cooking videos !

Cheryl S. says:

I'm eating this right now and is it DELICIOUS!!!
Thank you for a great recipe 🙂

Sh1ma says:

love you recipes and love your channels, but this 15 second looped music is getting a little bit annoying.
Best regards.

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