Thai Sauces for Cooking – Hot Thai Kitchen Basics

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One of the most common questions I receive is about all the different salting agents (soy sauce, fish sauce, etc…) I use in my recipes – totally understandable, since there are so many of them! So here’s everything you need to know about the 6 salty sauces in the Thai pantry, and hopefully this will clarify any questions or confusions you may have!

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derrick carroll says:

my wife is allergic to fish… Which sauce can I substitute for Fish Sauce?

Lilmama Taurus says:

I want yo make fried rice of all kinds exactly like take out makes .Do I use light soy sauce or regular? Do I use another sauce or no? Most videos call for reg soy and sesame oil what do I so? I don't like fish sauce never bought oyster please help !!

sang chang says:

You are exceptional teacher! I appreciate that you covered most confusing ingredients I wanted to know- especially “ Soy Sauce”. I was especially curious when you say just Soy sauce, i knew you didn’t meat Kikoman Soy sauce.
Thank you for the detailed info.

pl capeli says:

you are amazing in every way

jan klaassen says:

could you make a episode off sauce mixtures please

Steven Duarte says:

Very helpful thanks

Dahani Raveindra says:

Seriously though, I learned a lot from my friend from Isaan. Thai sauce are the most flavorful!

papingo bebeto says:

thanks for the information. very educative

Dwight Turner says:

Where's the ketchup and cheap yellow mustard?

Bakhtiar Effendy Omar Bashah says:

loved it!! and u d0 have an infectious smile =)

Marie-Eve Laplante says:

Hello pailin, do you know a comparable replacement for the dark soy sauce you used, i live in montreal and can only find the blue cap, not the orange. Thanks you in advanced

Samantha Thao says:

I recently discovered sweet soy sauce. Thank you for explaining the differences

Chris Chapman says:

What would Thai restaurants usually have on their tables? I feel like they are not a kikkimon flavor and it has a sweeter and saltier aftertaste.

Dante Hernandez says:

I happened to click on your videos through another cooking link and I've binge watched for two days now. Thank you so much for this Thai seasonings video. All these sauces are available in Asian grocery stores here. I can't wait to expand my use of Thai seasonings beyond fish sauce, oyster sauce and soy sauce. I'm an instant loyal fan.

Common Tater says:

You are so wonderful and charming, I'm sorry to criticize. I really don't like the whole, "I'm looking at the wrong camera" thing. I don't know who invented it, but it's distracting and weird. Look at the camera, please. Sorry, I do love your videos!

Emily Katahara says:

What is a good substitute for fish sauce for vegans/vegetarians?

Sudipta Das says:

so many types of soya sauce but wat abt tamato and chilly sause do u use in food

riptiki says:

For me, the "Golden Mountain" is like a concentrated vegetable bouillon, which is quite salty. "See Ew Dum" is similar to a browning sauce (Kitchen Bouquet, Gravy Master, etc.)

Richard Kristianto says:

In Indonesian cuisine, people using sweet soy sauce a lot. For dipping and cooking

nocturnalserpent says:

for My personal taste I like 3 crabs brand fish sauce better then squid it has a more in depth flavor then the squid and I find it's alot weaker when adding any saltiness to any dish.

Jim Jones says:

holy shit I love asian women

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