Thai Red Curry in Coconut ● Thailand Travel Vlog

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Greetings from Bangkok! It’s been a week filled with Thai street food and resting my knee at home. To spice up and balance things a bit, we venture out to get Thai red curry in young coconut and Taro sushi. Vegan-style! We do mini exploring around the neighborhood, encountering a temple hidden from the main road.

Places featured:
Loving Hut (424, Rama 3 Road, Front Soi 20)
Wat Bang Khlo Nok (Soi Rama 3 Soi 22, Bang Khlo)

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geekdiggy says:

3….2….1…… ::yank::


heng shooo says:

You really love coconut. . We have fresh coconut here in Philippines 😊😊😊

shelia french says:

I love ❤️ you so very glad I found you. I so wish I could travel,I want to go there so bad & all Asian countries hong gong , Japan

mahnaz shoukat says:

Hi I'm like your video

Sandrine Anterrion says:

Vegan menus are so much better than vegetarian menus…

Mira S says:

It's not just a Chinese thing it's also and Indian thing. My great grandma doesn't eat garlic or onion anymore and its for religious reasons. I guess you could say it's a Hindu thing too, but I think the same thing is practiced by people of other religions like Buddhism and Jainism (not too sure about that).

Wei Wei Tan says:

Awwww sad life
Me:oh no miss Mina's knee are you ok knee
Miss Mina:what are you talking about boi!
Me:your knee duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me:ok where was I oh yah are you ok? Knee

Mark Inuzuka says:

Mina you are so cute! I wanna marry you!

Darlene Nguyen says:

THE FACE SHE MADE AFTER THE FACE MASK. That sudden gasp killed me haha XD

TrapDistrict Tapes says:

yo that ending 😂😂😂

Kupo Sempai says:

That ending, god I love this channel and I love you. You create such quality content and so genuine.

caragio says:

love your reaction of unmasking X-D

Sakshi Shriyan says:

no onion and garlic is an Indian thing too! its called sattvick food.I love these similarities

Joanna B says:

Did you scrape the young coconut flesh and eat it? 🙂

Crisha A. says:

Hahaha that ending though. 😂 also, with all of these food your eating, i wonder how you stay fit?? 🤔

Ark says:

Wow nice video Mina when you said over 200 loving hut worldwide i checked where i live and there is one in Richmond Victoria Australia i will go there on the weekend thankyou

charik kim says:

You're awesome, Mina. I enjoyed your clogs very much, keep on shooting, Mina.

Sharon Yang says:

LOL that ending haha

แดนนี่ ดั้มส้ says:

Always be careful,girls should not walk alone in small back soi,s even its a soi to a Temple.

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