Thai Recipes Thai Coconut Chicken Soup – How to Make Tom Kha Gai Video or Tom Kha Kai

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Thai Coconut Soup or Tom Ka Gai with young Thai coconut video. We show you and easy way to make Thai food recipes like Thai coconut chicken soup from scratch. This dish is a special Thai coconut chicken soup which is adds young coconut meat and is served in the coconut shell. Our guest host, Taryn has almost no experience cooking, but is able to make this delicious dish in just minutes by following the downloadable PDF Thai recipe available on our site for free. Thai coconut chicken soup with young coconut. A fun and easy coconut soup recipe. Thai soup recipe.

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rudyfan1926 says:

Oh thanks! This is my favorite soup and I love the market on Clement. Going shopping there now!


Great job slow/clear/visible, not rushed Great Presentation!

Jemaa Kasaras says:

I'm Moroccan and I love Thai food. I learned how to make coucounat soup😃😋

Seth Ulrich says:

She's a combination of a Thai Kathleen Turner and Stevie Knicks! And she cooks!

Miss Mutts says:

Love love love Thai food. So easy to make, doesn't take so much time and it's delicious.

Radha Chatterjee says:

Beautiful voice. perfect recipe

annemerel says:

My mother in law doesnt like fishsauce, can I use something else? Maybe salt?

Candy Rockets says:

Had this at a Thai restaurant last night and I almost cried me and my hubby were baffled at how complex the flavors were so I will totally attempt to make this!

Chris Valladares says:

can you make it with out kaiffer lime leaves. they are illegal in Florida

Gloria Terry says:

Mmmmm, tasty. Thank you so much. My husband and I enjoyed it. I didn't have 'young coconut' so i used Turkey stock and coconut oil. The coconut milk gave it a super tast. Yep!

Albert Ledesma says:

This she-boy "Tarren" makes me uncomfortable.

Na'Talya M. says:

You should try out the coco jack for opening Thai coconuts, it's really great and makes it really easy to open .

Sumsebine says:

I love this soup! It's so delicious and healthy! Thank you very much for uploading!

Dan Webster says:

Nice job

OVideos28 says:

sub spanish !!!!!

Startsingingnow says:

It looks delicious!

Gabby Billones says:

Hi! Do you have a Yam Lukchin recipe? My friend told me it's great..

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