Thai Pork Omelette Recipe ไข่เจียวหมูสับ – Hot Thai Kitchen!

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A recent trip home inspired me to share with you a staple dish every Thai home turns to when we need food fast! I’ve shared a simple plain Thai omelette before, but here is a more substantial version with pork. Sriracha sauce is a classic accompaniment with this, and don’t forget to serve it over jasmine rice!

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Todd's Tropicals says:

So funny I stumbled upon this because this is my breakfast I just made this exact recipe before even seeing this video…Love Thai food!

Silver Chuckles says:

Why so beautiful pai? 😍😘

A ni says:

Where’s my thai people here 🙂

Satarupa Sarkar says:

you hardly add salt to your omelette… How does it taste??

BrokeAB says:

Awesome!!! Great quick meal for tonight

Riki says:

Didn't you forget Sriracha sauce?

ViolettaKnits says:

We make this frequently for dinner at our house, except my mother always used Maggi sauce instead of fish sauce. We love it with rice (steamed or boiled) with pickles (fermented mustard greens that come in a little tin).

seasonsunite says:

Great video! Charming and helpful as always

Jongki Tan says:

Pi Pai where is your Thaui Oyster Omelette recipe please

Nutakorn Naramit says:

well to eating doger.

N says:

The omelette looks delicious! Your hair looks really nice btw.

1jeepinray says:

I just need someone who likes hot spicy noodon so I pinch the booth. then it is exceptionally good.

Neo Granzon says:


Michael Matherne says:

Would ham, pineapple, and rosemary go well with this?

NJ says:

I FEEEEEL IT, the Thai childhood flavor is all this ;a;

ahgaii says:

dinner for one? what about the camera man? lol

Emanuel Valiente says:

since i don't eat pork, can i use ground chicken?

King of Kongo says:

love ur voice 😍😍 so deep and beautiful

Johnny Wiet Wolny says:

I've just cooked it. So good 🙂 4 eggs and 180g of pork mince :DD

Malcolm Lewis says:

We made this and the family voted it only the definitely make again. Thanks.

Ally Fitzsimmons says:

looks tasty and easy,i will try this,ty

Raymond Harvey says:

This is the dish I generally get when I eat thai. I was thrown off at first by the fact that it wasn't french style fluffy but I got over it. Although instead of sriracha I prefer to use sambal paste on it. It is so good.

A.M J.M says:

love it but I don't eat pork 🙁

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