THAI NOODLES (Pad Thai, Pad See Ew, Drunken Noodles, Papaya Salad) | MUKBANG [먹방]

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Thai Noodles Mukbang!

Watch me eat four different types of Thai noodles (Pad Thai, Pad See Ew, drunken noodles, and papaya salad)

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Tom Jame says:

Need to eat the som tum with rice

Myrisha Louise says:

I love noodles and pasta and rice… bugger what others think or say.

unicorns 4life02 says:

I saw this video and u should try a dish its called platillo mexicano if they have it where u live I know they have It here in mexico but idk other countries 😁

tanya murphy says:

You are beautiful so don’t worry about those laugh lines

tanya murphy says:

What other kind of music do you like?

tanya murphy says:

I eat my noodles with my head held back and my mouth open wide like the first one

tanya murphy says:

Popeyes chicken would be a good Mukbang

tanya murphy says:

You can eat whatever you want Hyunee. People will ha w their opinion but wat whatever makes you happy

Lacy H says:

What color are your eyes

Lacy H says:

You are so tiny, where do you put it all

Aini Azmi. says:

malaysian food you have to try basi lemak, rendang,nasi kerbay and many moreeeee

Dorothy Dick says:

I dont eat pasta. I dont like the texture. None of them,No matter what kind,shape or size. 👎👎

radha singh says:

ooo my god u r so beautiful 😍 I love your videos 😘

Jennifer Morales says:

Try Pupusas (Salvadoran food)

Ashley Robinson says:

You be eating some really healthy food love it

Alina Pisleaga says:

I loooove noodles!!! Thanks to you I am now trying new food. Because I work a lot, I am enjoying my dinner watching your videos, you are really nice and entertaining 🤗

pnknailpolish says:

i love noodle videos

Jude Immanivong says:


Rin Chon says:

Papaya salad in hmong is way different plus it taste better in my opinion

Rebecca Crabtrey says:

Noodles are best!!!

Sarah Yeaton says:

if you're ever in san diego, try Mea Kwan thai cuisine!!!! my momma is the owner. i've tried so many thai places, and have been to thailand as well, can honestly say my mom makes hands down the best thai food. it tastes so authentic!!!

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