Thai Mixed Veg Stir-Fry Recipe ผัดผักรวม – Hot Thai Kitchen!

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This classic recipe will change the way to think about “mixed veg.” This stir-fry is garlicky, crunchy, full of flavour with a little kick from some Thai chilies. It’s our go-to dish whenever we need some extra veggies on the table!

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Patrick Chadd says:

Made this tonight with the Roast Beef and Thai Gravy – AMAZING!!! YUMMMMM!!!

Juliet Franklin says:

As always, your recipes never disappoint. So delicious!

duke togo says:

OMG your beautiful and awesome recipe

winnie Chris says:

I wouldn't start with chilli because it spreads in the air and gives a chocking smell.Maybe try with the soft vegg next time.just my opinion….but overall great work girl!👏👏👏

Josephine Tajanela says:

I love Thai soy sauce…

MrQuagmire26 says:

Pad park ruam mit gave a whole new meaning to mixed vegetables. I can relate so well to that bag of frozen veggies. My grandma and my mom always used to boil the veggies along with potatoes to death. Pale, mushy and totally unappetizing. I remember 10-15 years ago, I prepared chinese beef with broccoli to my family and my dads first respons was: Why did you cook the broccoli so little? It's still hard. Luckily as time went by the understood that veggies should have a crunch to them.

Health Freak says:

I'm in love. Seriously you're food is amazing, delightful and delicious!! BTW – You're not bad either 🙂

moonlight sonata says:

@The talking is so annoying!! just go ahead ang cook talking and talking in front of the food?! yays ! your saliva there!!!

Nikolina Duvnjak says:

I tried it. Its delicious

Priscilla Udave says:

i love your recipes but this one is not good. sorry

Juliet Reyes says:

Looks yummy

Shiela Solasco Compahinay says:

I like your video's
Thanks.. for sharing your recipe:-)

isvyGW1608 says:

Thank you so much ! It's so yummy !!!!

Suseela Muralidharan says:

yum yum yummy

mochek vlog says:


Jessie Ryan says:

I'm an american living in Thailand but I'm still learning Thai cooking from youtube, 555! Thanks for the great video- my Pat Pak Ruam is way better now >.<

Assata Schroeter says:

Thank you for the video! I will definitely enjoy my dinner.

Ramakan says:

I love your knife!!! Where can I buy one?

Dee Doan says:

May I request a video on young jackfruit salad? I had it at a thai restaurant once. Absolutely delicious! But I have no idea how to make it!!

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