Thai League Fan Club | Terens Puhiri (INA) Port F.C.(THA) vs Suphanburi F.C.(THA) Friendly match

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Thai League Fan Club | Terens Puhiri (INA) Port F.C.(THA) vs Suphanburi F.C.(THA) Friendly match 3/02/2018.
First video and original sound, Highlights, skills
Port F.C.(1) vs (2) Suphanburi F.C.

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TLFC Thai Land Fan Club says:

Thai very like song(Tak tung tuang). but there Do not understand the meaning of the song.
No.9 He played wish friend, well hope you understand.

sidik Permana says:

Terens is tak tuntuang…

Mufti Nugraha says:

He deserved to play in Europe

Ayesha Pottery says:

Tak tun tuank hok a hok e

Burnott s says:

tak tun tuang 😂

Bunda Aira says:

Duuuh syutingane ra penak

Dega Jago says:

he is indonesian but not Minang ethnicity so Taktuntuang isnt correct, it will be correct if they call him 'TurunNaikOlesTrus' 😂

Fitri Annisa says:

Tak tun tuang… Tak tun tuang

fhay saja says:

why they call him with tak tung tuang? LOL

Tony seethadee says:

I am Thailande and don't like the way no.9 act also ,sorry for him.But maybe their are close friend.

Justin Cherian says:

He may be a sprinter..But he is running into cricket spaces..But no support

Habib Alin says:

Skill muterrrrrrrr😀

Bona Mario Sihotang says:

mutar2 dong

Nanda Herviyan says:

eat this shit for you no.9

rhomi ibrahim says:

Fuul terens 😂😂😂😂

Young Thube says:

Tak tun tuanggg

Rama Rhikay says:

Ga dikasih bola haha

wonde sirebu says:

Semangat terens..

Sugik Joe says:

Fuck you no 9…

Supono michael says:

Kasian ga ada yg ngajak ngobrol,😂

Jep Jepri says:

Kebingungan nyari bola 😅😂

Kevin Susanto says:

number 9 fuck him

Zidan Danu says:

Who is player number 9? 0:02 . I don't like his attitude

Asrial dian pranata says:

tak tun tuang..

Baim Aditya says:

Apaan muter2 doank 😂

Pandi listiyanto says:

Tuh pemain lawan no punggung 99 apakah dia convalius

Haqiqy qiqy says:

I think the people in there didn't like his skill…

Marsel David says:

Not IND. You can use IDN or INA for Indonesia.

Abu Azkanabil says:

Just running

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