Thai Home Cooking Breakfast Ban Tham Village Northern Thailand

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What do you do after the roosters have woken you up at 4am?

You get up, shower, start the wood fire for the sticky rice and head to the market to buy all the ingredients for a long day of cooking Northern Thai food.

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Brad & Ta

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crispernator says:

Gday brad and ta , no good for me im a cornflakes guy in the morning chon tried this at da and yungs house i couldnt eat it that early in the morning .I suppose it is what your used to lunch no problems but just not breakfast for me , when chon lived in sapan sang we would get the call to prayer waking us up not roosters i know which i would prefer great video take care .

Mark Roberts says:

I'd invest in a slug gun for the rooster . Took me a long time to adjust to a rooster when I was working on my aunt's property as a young fella .

mardysvids1 says:

Hi guys one of the best videos so far! Brought back fond memories of my wifes village in north thailand keep up the great work and of course the banter!

David payne says:

So nice to see like you using thai  & English A+++ video the best.

Summer Wood says:

Aren’t you lucky, three ladies prepared breakfast for you, what a life…another great video, thank you for sharing

Pug Lissu says:

Does it taste fishie like cat fish or mild like Haddock? Does the pork change the taste of the fish to pork, or all the garlic , greens change everything to a flavor an American could not purchase in an Asian restaurant?

Pug Lissu says:

Does the rice taste like wood smoke?

purespirit9 says:

Home cook meal & spending time with family is so precious. 😊💟

BaBa says:

Good old home cooking, thanks again for the video

S F says:

Rooster wake up before sun up? I'd be having rooster for breakfast. ;@)
Same thing in Nuch village with the morning announcements. I notice the sister drags the black cloth around with her feet, are slippers or socks indoors out of the question? Be Well

Heavy Coke Addict says:

Great video Brad and Ta. That fire was very hypnotic. I like how Ta goes into detail and makes the effort to explain all the questions you ask her. When Ta's explaining something in a serious manner and you're joking or being sarcastic with her is hilarious, especially when she catches on (the look on her face, lol). Keep the quality videos coming 🙂

Bernard Bredhauer says:

Nice to see where Ta comes from and you can see why she is such a lovely person. Thanks Brad and Ta.

orange & green says:

I couldn't help but notice what looked like Singaporean flags @0.05. Guess the flags were being used to block out the sun perhaps?

J East says:

How long from start to finish did it take to prepare all of the delicious food!!

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