Thai Fried Noodles – Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kitchen

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Rajendra kalluri says:

where can i get those thin noodles.. it will be a great help if you can tell the name of the noodles used .. !!

natasha kakkar says:

i like. thai ALL. foods

Sinee Zhou says:

I am thai and I am curious what is this ? we never put lime leaves and radish in fried noodles sir this is so weir :/
i guess you supose to cook Pad-Thai (Thai fried noodles) tbh this is not even close.

Hadiza Zarma says:

I love to test it 😋

Subhash Simhambhatla says:

is it compulsory to put fish sauce, any alternative?

Mityrion says:

i came here to learn to cook this because this is the EXACT same dish that i had for my first meal in L. A

steve40ism says:

Thai?????? No way

Manish Singh says:

Relax people. No need to quarrel over the origin or authenticity of the dish. Most cooks make a few tweaks to a dish in order to suit the taste of the people of their country. The guy is making a video in our local language "Hindi" and is adding flavours to it according to us. So, it's an Indian version of a Thai dish. Your original Thai dish still remains original.

Keep learning ABOUT TECH says:

what he is making

the fnaf 1 foxy says:

i love noodles



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ashik ansari says:

pls Mujhe crespy rice with egg and chicken cook karma bats dijiye

annie ds says:

no such dish in thai … all made up. so not thai

sam junu says:

really  awesome dish sir thanx alot i ve tried

Dwarakamai says:

Peanuts are a must ,it both ways that is the way I like it ,they serve it in Thai restaraunt !

Dwarakamai says:

Whenever I make Thai or Chinese I don't add salt the sauce itself gives lots of taste I don't miss salt in it ,it tastes awesome.

Mat URs says:

So not thai…

joe mckay says:

This looks amazing, I like the entire recipe but that was way more than one tsp of sugar ! ! !   Anyway all of this doesnt have to be exactly the way its done traditionally for it to be good, I was just happy you dont add MSG.

Harmony 99 says:

what is fish sauce ………….? pls answer sir ……….. thanks in advance 🙂

Cedrick Playz says:

this is not even close…….

A1971ize says:

Instead of using tamarind water & sugar use pad thai sauce. It will give more authentic thai taste.

Rj964 says:

bullshit! yucky, has he ever been to thailand?

joanna cipriano says:

and very clean looks very delicious yam yam

joanna cipriano says:

even i did not understand the language, but totally i understand how they do "nice"

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