Thai foot massage, Pattaya || Thailand

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Thai foot massage is best way to relax ur tension and must things to do in Thailand. Pattaya has great selection of massage shop cost start from $6 to $10 Aussie dollar.


Karnajit Laishram says:

She don't like you😀

Gurdit Singh says:

Woah..Life …..Here I m giving massages to my moped in mornings.

carforumwanker says:

went there a few times…It fucking hurts ! but you dance like a Angel that evening !!

Aquib Khan says:

How much it costs bro ?

Ilir Sejdiu says:

She is really hott

Satan says:

He got massaged one foot … idiots

Kim Salad says:

put down your phone lol

Projeto ASMR says:

No take peecthio!

mart nor says:

Your making the stupidest comments now wonder why she's not making conversation

Irfu Bhai says:

Did she massaged your middle foot

Noah Prebianca says:

So they let u smash right I'm confused

Gareth 01 says:

Happy ending massage lol

Student's Corner says:

after foor massage ..she would have given penile massage than man gave her a full body massage…yeah fucked up ass

Chris Rackley says:

u should visit pattaya and check it out. Its a fun place and foot massage is the best

wiwik aditama says:

Very bad foot msgg.she

wiwik aditama says:

The therapy just give u horny rubbing

wiwik aditama says:

Wht.the therapis sexy t shirt.wht the therapis plus' s

The 570 Experience says:

Never would I let any woman touch my feet

john shoo says:

most ugliest feet ive need a grinder for them

Sam Monroe says:

" Nice watch" ………

unclesamtookmymoney Sam says:

Great actresses. Probably disgusted by big hairy western legs and feet. Still, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

Al Shey says:

Find an westernized girlfriend who do this once a week??? Not this century.

Pete Cam says:

I would vomit if i had to do a job like that lol.

Ismael Adame says:

I hate it when people touch my feet. I’ve tried massages but I can’t nothing lower than my calves.

Jason Rougeau says:

asian chicks are so fucking stupid. I guarantee you all those peabrains are hooking on the side.

hzh hzh says:

i want prostate massage they give? not very deep..maybe 2 inches only…

Tig Welder says:

Happy ending?

Rolls Royces says:

I love her boobs, uhhh looks so yummy

Stoned Noob says:

Looks so relaxing. Wish someone could do that to me.

Vineet Kumar says:

Are they provide extra service how much cost for these

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