Thai food-Thai sausage part-1

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1000 G. Ground pork
3 Yards of sausage casing
2 cups cooked sticky rice (1/2 cup of water if you use tougher sticky you to mix water with sticky rice)
1 tsp sugar
1 tbsp + 1 tsp salt
2 tsp white paper powder
1/2 cup lemon glass
1/2 cup ground garlic


Peanut says:

How many day can we keep this sausage?

We Love Thai Food, Eat and Smile says:

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William Wilcox says:

I make this one all the time, I stuff by hand,, I only have a plastic funnel…works great to load skin onto…

art phandara says:

that will take for ever to stuff, they have the sausage maker why not use it

Anthony Lenfesty says:

might be easier to get smaller gloves for your teenie fingers

Anthony Lenfesty says:

cool,i not have a stuffer,mincer? but good idea seen other lady using a lager funnel with stick

MsLansones says:

You should invest in a Kitchenaide mixer with a meat grinder/sausage stuffer attachment.

maryamchai says:

That's the way my Thai mom makes it. 🙂

fattymoko says:

Rubberband around the glove wrist? Fast forward the sllllloooowwww stuffing? Sigh….

hunclemike says:

I used this as the stuffing for fried dumplings…..just wrapped them in dumpling wrappers and fried them in some spicy oil and served them with a nice pickled vegetable salad…..delish!!!

Marc Forest says:

ahhaah the only one is Chiang maî sausage you don't now the secret

Sutida Bunrad says:

Thank you ja! I will try it soon 🙂
Isan girl from taipei

MD2011LOU says:

Nice recipe but you need a small sausage press would make the task so fast and easy. You can get one on line so cheep. Good Luck

Iolla says:

i do you cook sticky rice with coconut cream or just bland water. I ask because I heard you said something about the coconut from the sticky rice stick to your gloves. Thank you.

Angela Blanchard says:

A lot of work but they look wonderful. Maybe there is an inexpensive attachement for your mixer that would help stuff them? Hope Cody is ok.

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