[Thai Food] Suki in Broth (Su Ki Nam)

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[Thai Food] Suki in Broth (Su Ki Nam)

Thai Style Suki Yaki Soup is one another recipe that many of you like to eat. It’s simple and delicious. If you like spicy flavors, you can add additional sauce. And you don’t have to put any suki sauce if you like mild flavor. Thai Style Suki Yaki Soup is one of the most popular dish.



Mikes Grillin says:

That looks so good and very tastey…

Niwast Brekness says:

Yummy food Travel tv Chan Thanks

Richard Williams says:

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annash66 says:

Sorry I meant Ong Choi in Chinese not Choi Sum, that's similar to Chinese Broccoli which is Puk Ka Nar in Thai.

annash66 says:

It's "Puk Boong" in Thai, water Spinach (Convol) in English and Choi Sum in Chinese.

kuhmilch says:

Are u sure the translation of "pag boong" plant in english is convolvulus? Wikipedida don't think so.

CosmicGeneralThade says:

If anyone know any other thai video with english subtitles, please tell me. thank you.

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