[Thai Food] Stir fried Seafood with Thai Chili Paste (Ta-Lay Namprik Phao)

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[Thai Food] Stir fried Seafood with Thai Chili Paste (Ta-Lay Namprik Phao)

We bring
fresh seafood to fried with roasted chili paste. Have a little sweet and spicy taste with intense flavor in Thai cuisine style.



joe khan says:

simplicity and elegantly cooked love this dish . You are a great

Ronsonson_Ron says:

this one is good if you add ginger as well goes really well with the chili paste

Juan Salinas says:

i just finished cooking your plate…. it is delicious …. the only ingredient that I added was Lemon leaves.. It is Great… you got me to keep going!!!! Thank you for your video.

tainle says:

i am surprise that almost all thai dishes are spicy 😮

Teresita Augustine says:

It looks very delicious!

Vagabond_Shadow says:

Thank you for sharing

Shenly lor says:


Doodah Gurl says:

Beautiful looking dish!  I bet it's as good as it looks, too.

reiniervanbergen says:

Shallot garlic chilis dry fry in pan. Make paste out of hem with mortar and pastel. Ad shrimp paste, fish sauce, tamarind, salt and sugar. Mix well and pound again. Put oil in pan, fry the paste on low heat 3 min. Add water and cook 3 min more until smoot soft

Oscar Martinez says:

That looks so good 
And I can learn to speak thai at the same time.

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