[Thai Food] Spicy Catfish (Phad Phed Pla Dook Thod Grob)

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[Thai Food] Spicy Catfish (Phad Phed Pla Dook Thod Grob)

This is a delicious menu of spicy fried lover. Golden Crispy Catfish fried with various spices. It’s so delicious and can go really well either with drink or a cup of rice.


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kuhmilch says:

The fingerroots and galingale are the same?

jonny vee says:

Thanks for the video. My favorite Thai dish.
I always wondered how it was made. Now I know. 🙂

Jeff Core says:

Thanks for the video.  This recipe was aroi.  I guessed on the ingredient measurements but it came out tasty.  Hard to find whole catfish in USA, but I used filets.

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