Thai Food Soft Shell Crab with Garlic & Pepper Recipe ❤️️

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Duncan joins executive chef Pak from the Sofitel Krabi where he is shown chefs signature dish, perfect soft shell crab with garlic & pepper.
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Akoben Renaissance says:

Gawwwd that looks gooood!

casullarms1 says:


william de kroon says:

Hi Duncan, your recipes are great !! A question …makes this chef the soft shell crab clean first before frying?

Leo Sullivan says:

Are the crabs floured at all? They seem to be wearing a tiny bit of powder as they go into the pan.

Hilary says:

The ingredient before Chinese wine, is that curry powder?

DaraLao Lao says:

Can you please write down the ingredients. thank you very much.

Keep Smile says:

when I visited Thailand I taste that food and it was delicious

radbcc says:

Please cover up those tats and provide subtitles for the thai chef especially when doing a cooking show. Just my opinion and my tastes. Thanks.

Caroline Bouavanh says:

Yummy!! I love soft shell crab!!!!

SeungHee Son says:

Chef Duncan! Thank you so much for introducing a lot of incredible Thai dishes. Due to your wonderful video, I'll go to Thailand for tasting and learning. I hope you have a great day 🙂

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