[Thai Food] Saute clams with chili paste (Hoi Lai Phad Nam Prik Phao)

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[Thai Food] Saute clams with chili paste (Hoi Lai Phad Nam Prik Phao)

a simple delicious recipe that anyone can do. Consist of intense flavor of clams with sweet and slightly spicy taste from chilli paste. You can eat with rice or soft-boiled rice is both delicious as well.



Nxong Moua says:

Yes… thanks for the English sub

Kay Souvannakily says:

thk for sharing

Romeo James says:

yummy from jacan in the usa

jyoti flepcha says:

i think its already half boil clam

Sonia Suganda says:

Very nice thank to english

Randa Mido says:

great recipe which I really trying to find , thanks

id brown says:

those clams're still alive (=fresh) that 's why they 're still opened.

po gygax says:

aroy maaaak !

Ko Myo Swe says:

Cooking for home.

sary p says:

Yummy in my tummy, this will fill me up

Sam Wong says:

Good recipe, but the clams is not fresh.

Farida Ramdhanie says:

Great recipe, can't wait to try!

khong2007 says:

Nice thanks .

Dennis Xayadeth says:

The clams are already opened before cooking it….

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