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This is Tom Yum Goong Soup it is a favorite soup of the people of Thailand and is delicious! If you LOVE Thai food as much as I do you will love this soup recipe. The recipe can be found below! Enjoy!

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You will need a medium sauce pot or stock pot depending on how many servings you will prepare.
6-8 Chilies.
I used Thai bird chilies.
For the recipe I used 3 red and 3 green finely sliced.
Fish sauce. 1 to 2 Tbsp. per bowl to be served.
4 Fillets of a firm white fish like Tilapia or Swai.
I used Swai in the recipe.
This is an optional ingredient.
As many shrimp per person as you want.
I generally use 10 shrimp per persons bowl. (Hey! I like shrimp!)
1 Bunch of coarse chopped cilantro.
1 Lemongrass stalk.
8 Cups of water.
8 Tbsp. Nam Prik Pad/Pao.
This is to be 1 Tbsp. per Persons bowl.
6 Kaffir lime leaves.
If these are not available you can use the zest of 1 or 2 limes depending on your tastes.


I like to prepare everyone’s bowl for the soup separately.
This means get the bowls out and in each one put a base of:
Fish sauce 1 or 2 Tbs.
The juice of 1 lime in each bowl.
Add the desired amount of finely sliced chilies into each bowl.
If you have opted to add white fish fillets then poach them and put them aside.
Cut the fillet into halves or quarters depending on size.
One fillet per guest.
This step is done.
Let’s move on to the next step of making the base stock.
Put your water in your sauce pot or stock pot and bring to boil.
Peel and devein your shrimp and put them to the side to put in soup later.
Now take your lemongrass stalk and cut it down to about a 6/8 inch stalk and beat the stalk with the back of a heavy knife or cleaver.
This bruises the stalk and makes the oils and juices of the stalk come to the surface.
Now tie the stalk into a knot and drop it into the boiling water.
Let boil for 5 to 7 minutes.
You will see the water change color slightly.
If you have Thai Kaffir lime leaves pull or cut off the stems of the leaves and drop them into the pot as well.
If you don’t have the lime leaves as I didn’t then you can use the zest of 1 or 2 limes.
It won’t be quite the same but I promise the soup will be delicious!
Depending on what type of mushroom you are using for this recipe clean them and then half them.
What I love about this recipe is that just about any kind of mushroom will work with it.
In the video I used Enoki mushrooms.
Allow all these ingredients to cook in the boiling water until the mushrooms have softened.
Now add the shrimp that you cleaned before and turn the heat off of the liquid.
I did a deep butterfly on my shrimp to help them cook quickly.
They will cook quickly no matter what.
The trick here is to make sure that they don’t over cook because then they will be rubbery.
Take your pot of liquid and begin to ladle the soup into each bowl for each guest.
The soup that you are scooping into the bowls will get cloudy because of the lime juice this is normal so don’t sweat it.
Once the bowls are filled add your Nam Prik Pad/Pao to each bowl and gently stir to get it to dissipate in the soup.
Take a whiff! It smells luscious!
If you opted for the white fish fillets then gently put them in each guests bowl now to get them hot.
Sprinkle cilantro on top of each bowl.
Serve your guests and above all else Enjoy!

Optional: I added a few drops of sesame seed oil to my soup because I love the nutty taste. This is not in the traditional recipe. I also added a few drops of rice vinegar for a touch of sour and this is also not in the traditional recipe. I have included them in this recipe as an option.


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wow looks so good I'm make it next week & use tilapia instead with shrimp

Krazynutzonyoutube says:

nice go T =*) AN will be trying the soup asap

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Trying this now, but since I have no shrimp, I'll make it with chicken thigh I have left over 😀

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looks delicious! thanks for sharing.

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Loool 'oh gad I luv shrimp'

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I LOVE SHRIMP. Especially Prawn. Hell, I'll eat just about anything.

Grace Ha says:

Sesame oil is not use in Thai food. No other country add that into the soup. Sesame oil is the strongest fragrance oil.

Grace Ha says:

I hate shrimp

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I liked your soup =)

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this is odd

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I'm just wondering how you know so much about Asian food!? Have you travled to those places? Love the videos! Keep em coming! 🙂

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thai original TOM YUM GONG not making in this clip

Stephen Daniels says:

After making Richard's Thai green curry recipe, I thought I'd try this because by girlfriend LOVES Tom Yum soup.  As per the green curry recipe, I followed Richard's instructions for Tom Yum Goong almost to the letter (I used steamed Alaska cod for the white fish), and after eating this amazing soup I now have a girlfriend for life!  Richard, your Thai cooking recipes so far are galactic!  

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you are quadruple cool.

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to be truthful there are no rules with cooking…just what you or your special person enjoys. THAT is the only rule in cooking 😉

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good info.. clear instructions (just like your knife videos)
love knowing more about the why of these soups

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Looks so good! Where do u learn these recipes!? Are that authentic?! 🙂 thanks for posting!
God bless!

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i have been to vegas and i loved it!!! hey dont forget what you just said 🙂

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prikpao paste is called namprikpao. i like your channel but im not keen on your asian food recipes thats all. also, i think food should look and taste good. i dont mean that you should make your prawn look like little mermaid 🙂 thank you for your reply and keep up the good work.

AKittypie says:

so you only want to hear compliments and lies then? it is a thai dish. you can be creative but still have to follow the basic rules if not you call it something else. namprik pao is also a paste dont forget. i have eaten tomyum thousand of times in thailand. for me it is ok to use pastes cuz you still have to add extra ingredients to make it taste really nice. if you do it from scratch and it doesnt look good and taste…weird there is no point.

AKittypie says:

just get a tom yam paste from a jar and add coriander, lemon grass, mushroom and seafood stuff or meats then you're done. im thai living abroad and i think you've done a lot wrong. you made it too complicated and it doesnt look nice.

FlamerzZz says:

plus no bonito flakes please !!!! thats a very different taste !!! USE FISH SAUCE !!! to get what u want u can go search in google or yahoo for online asian food exporter

FlamerzZz says:

Just get a tom yum paste and put loads of sea food on to your soup, with sugar and salt to your own taste u make tom yum its pronounced between K and G with the kung….i am from Malaysia its below Thailand…its another country but we always get thailand people come down and sell their true stuff….plus Northern Thailand and Southern Thailand eats different stuff not all Thais eat same thing

AccentFlavor says:

We love Thai food and had no idea how to make this soup so thank you for the recipe!

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