THAI FOOD pad thai

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Close for more Thai cooking video recipes. Dim Geefay and daughter Cathy visit a Thai chef who cooks one of Thailand’s most well known dishes….. Pad Thai. More Thai cooking videos at

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miserycord0666 says:

Damn just let the man cook. He's already explaining the process. Im sure he didn't survive 2 wars and the Khmer Rouge just to be hounded with questions about cooking while he's cooking
(I gave him a backstory to make it more sexy)

Remy novver36 says:

That's one serving for me .

The3rdLee says:

love the 2 cents from the old lady with the amazing performance by the voice actor.

Arnat Lao says:

my wife can cook pad thai

Innocent Girl says:

why dont put some eggs?

minakom1224 says:

I don't know what part of America she s from… Lol we have all that here… And the dried shrimp…

camocorndog says:

Dayum this is like a original video! Amazing recipe i want pad thai now!

resonancehybrid says:

Hehe… americansXD

warrengriffin says:

I'm making this tonight for dinner.. and oh, there's a ghost @ 7:03 haha

joeminghia says:

The questions the 2 women ask are so fucking redundant, I can't take it.

Bell Ant says:

…. did you stop to think that someone dubbed english over him?

eiei wongsalerd says:

why don't add the egg???

Mister Baton says:

I love that

Arman Chivichyan says:

how does this man speak in two voices

kimberly says:

same thing taste lik sugar dont matter

MaiA Mananya says:

No, their test just resemble each other. Coconut sugar made from Coconut but Palm sugar made from sugar palm tree.

kimberly says:

they are like the same thing

atripa645 says:

American Pad Thai: celery, ground peanuts and cilantro

Ms.D says:

not really :p
kinder surprise is banned in the US :))

padard says:

*drooling* O.O

looneybeauty says:

"we dont have___ in america" yes we do. just gotta know where to find it!! aka seafood city.

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