THAI FOOD! Pad Thai Noodles, Spicy Tom Yum Soup, Green Curry & Pineapple Rice | Mukbang Eating Show

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Enjoying massive Thai cuisine!! Ordered some Pad Thai fried noodles, Pineapple Rice, Red Tom Yum Seafood Spicy & Sour Soup, Green Curry Chicken and Papaya Salad! It’s a good thing I didn’t order the Mango Sticky Rice for dessert as I was way too full at the end lol! Come enjoy this feast with me!

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Food ordered from Thai Restaurant, E-Sarn Thai Corner (Singapore)

Thank you for watching! Hope you’ve enjoy this Thai food mukbang eating show! Do check out more of my eating shows and food challenge videos below!

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Borah Biman says:

soo nice😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Shantel Gardner says:

Why don't you try some Jamaican food their really nice

Muhammad Irfan Khan Tareen says:

You are best this is amazing

Tamara Young says:

With Thai food, it’s really hard to have a favorite, it’s all good!

Nour Rolet says:

Pine apple rice is my favorite dish

Beth Watson says:

Love love Thai food. I get Beef Pad Thai Hot…I love spicey. Also, Tom Yum seafood soup is great!! My favorites. Green or red curry dishes are so good too.

Nan Xee says:

Sticky rice with Mango !!

Doug Smithart says:

My wife is Thai, but, it is difficult for us to obtain the proper ingredients. We live in Southern kansas, over an hour away from the nearest Asian food market, so, we really can't get to it that easily. She's from Austin, Minnesota, though, where there is a small Asian store owned by a Thai person. I miss going to my wife's mom's and smelling and eating that wonderful food.

Candy Cat says:

I love your videos
Love from Pakistan😍😍😍😍😍😍

Fatima_sumaiyya786 Sumaiyya says:

try indian pani puri

Deep Mala says:

I ve no idea about thai food except tom yam soup… n I like it

Mister Audio Slideshow says:

I wish i can eat thai food too

Blessy C says:

peggei want c ur stomieèeeee

Blessy C says:

peggei want c ur stomieèeeee

Rajesh 143 says:

Please change background locations like seas and beautiful gardens etc.,,

Reah Heart says:

I need your metabolism! Love you peggie😀😀

Shashi Tarangal says:

Geo wooz she is so beautiful and you see your face in mirror

Candy Upathambhananda says:

Definitely want a part 2. Try mussuman curry or panang curry. I love laab too. Goes well with papaya salad. Try the regular sticky rice with the laab.

Anjanette Zahra Amanda says:

indonesian food please :))

Anila Hasan says:

u r soooo cute peggie….love u

kali kecil says:

Sebanyak ini, gimn bisa masuk di lambungnya nih ya?

Shahnaj Shila says:

chewing sound bother much :/

Dipty Mahy says:

Looking bad

Ashu Mimil says:

I never see any thai food in my life….

Umair Redhood says:

How do u eat with such a big spoon??

Mirra Dawn Alamo says:

Love tom yum and the thai fried rice it’s really delicious 😋

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